20 Best the Avengers Movie Quotes

The Avengers is the best scene fiction and fantasy movie of the year 20012, this is the firstHollywoodmovie in which director collect all the super heroes from all super hit action movies for a single mission of saving the world. The idea of Avengers movie is taken from a comic book in which the writer also collected al super natural personalities at one platform to fight against world terrorists.  The Avengers comic book and animation cartoon series is very popular among US kids and this movie also gets a huge attention from movies lovers of all over the world.

Some people criticize on Avengers story plot that it is stolen from comic book and some says they get help from Pentagon for genuine equipments used in this movie, etc. Anyhow we don’t care what people says about this, but we know one thing that this is the best action movie of the year that’s why it got a high rank on IMDB too and we come here to simply enjoy best quotes of Avengers movie. So its time for you to update your Facebook status with these cool quotations taken from your favorite film.

Quotes of Tony Stark hero of Iron Man:-

  • An idiot is always an idiot.
  • I have only one plan in all conditions and that is, Attack.
  • Attack, is always my favorite war strategy.
  • I will definitely call my mom when this stupid bunk is over.
  • I think we are “Earth’s Mighiest Heroes” who get the title of Avengers.
  • Before your life limit do not forget to send us a feedback message.
  • I am sure you missed a lot of things in the formation of Captain America.
  • Yes you can follow me but do not dare to follow my style.

Thor quotes in the Avengers movie:-

  1. My business with Loki is not completed yet.
  2. No I never use Facebook out side the space.
  3. If you touch me again then you will never able to touch anything else in the world.
  4. Our race mean, no harm only peace!
  5. You cannot stop me to save the earth but you can save yourself by leaving the earth.
  6. I am a bomb for alien invasion.
  7. This world is made for peace so we want only peace for our world.
  8. This world is not your daddy private property.
  9. Agent Maria Hill quotes:-
  10. Put all stupid heroes together and enjoy a power show.
  11. You cannot come back once you leave your back from this chair.

Steve Rogers’s hero of Captain America:-

  • I think your name is also a joke to you.
  • There is nothing in this world which can surprise me.
  • There is always a way out in every problem.
  • Let me update my Twitter account for these stupid aliens.
  • Back off big man to end this show.
  • I am the first savior of America.
  • Oh, a subtotal on a submarine.
  • I need one more crack urgently.

Bruce Banner from the Hulk quotes:-

  • Thanks me at least 20 times before you go forward.
  • Lol, we are a team or a time bomb?
  • I look angry all the time, even in happy mood.
  • Am I still looking angry, see my teeth?
  • Loki needs another portal for his grave.
  • Loki brain is full of two things, craziness and madness.
  • Can you define me in one word?
  • Alien hacks my Facebook account.
  • If you are looking for a suitable word for me then you must check the word “power” in dictionary.
  • Yes I know only aliens come from the outer space.

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