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Funny Facebook Relationship Status

If you are feeling some problems in selecting your status on your Facebook Timeline or profile page then nothing to worry anymore because we find a great solution for your status headache but beware use these relationship statuses at your own risk because these are highly voltage statuses which will definitely produce […]

Rude Facebook Statuses

Let’s give a big surprise to our Facebook friends by posting some rude quotes on our Facebook status bar. These rude statuses on your Facebook Timeline may damage your personality for a short period of time until your friends your joke. Some of these rude ideas make produce expressions of […]

Sad Songs Quotes for Facebook Status

Do you want to update your today Facebook status with sad song lyrics? Surely you come on the right blog. Sad songs are the best medicine for your sad mood, these songs mostly contains a subliminal messages which really help you to come out from a bad mood. These sad […]

Funny Get Well Wishes

Good health is a precious gift from nature and it is also true that health is an important factor to gain any thing in this world. A bad health person cannot achieve his life goals so easily as compared with a healthy person. Our Today quote notes are all about […]

1000 Facebook Funny Status

First of all thanks for coming on this site, on this page we will share the most funny Facebook status quotes that you cannot find any where else on the internet. As you know the title says 1000 statuses but this is not possible to combine such a big list […]

Funny Facebook Statuses for Girls

Are you a jolly girl who want to get a lot of likes and comments also for her Facebook status, you just arrived at the right planet because we are going to give you a dozen of free status quotes that will really increase your popularity among our Facebook fans […]

April Fool Facebook Pranks

On the 1st April of every year million of people play jokes to their close friends and family member and then feel a joy after making them fool by their silly jokes. Well if you come on this page to find some serious trouble April fool ideas then we are […]

Dumbest Things to Say on Facebook

Facebook addiction put some unusual effects on their regular users and sometimes these addicted people just start doing odd activities on this social network. It’s true that Facebook is not a public property but some people are showing a rude behavior and they fully violate the Facebook terms and conditions […]

Holi Facebook Status

Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus, the origin of this festival is written in Hindu Holy books but 80% of people do not know its actual purpose, mostly people awaiting this festival for the whole year, this festival is celebrated in the month of March every year and […]

Funny Facebook Statuses for Guys

Facebook is a place where you can share your unique ideas just by updating your status message, you don’t have any need to send a separate message to every member in your friends contact list, your status quote or message is telling your mood or your idea to all of […]