50 Most Embarrassing Facebook Statuses

The following embarrassing FB statuses are collected from the Facebook profiles and Timelines of real world users. May be some guys are girls are going to read there own stupid but funny Facebook statuses and comments on this page, but you do not need to feel shame because we do not posted the names of any Facebook users here.

Most embarrassing Facebook comments and status:-

  • Trust me being single is not bad at all, I am having more fun now, and you should too.
  • We really should not eat or wear animals, they are our friends, how would you like if I ate you?
  • I am sorry, I hope you guys get back together I tonight punch party.
  • I am sorry father please touches Alex with your healing power. Comfort her and bring her the strength she needs. Thank you, father that you can do that better than I can even think to ask.
  • You think your words can hurt me? Yeah right have fun with the fat bi**h at prom you disgusting ugly fat low life piece of sh*t.
  • My son deserves much better than you! At least he is at his prom with someone who cares for him, not someone ho was using him.
  • You keep thinking that… it must be nice to go through life being clueless.
  • As I do have a life, I am not going to spend a Saturday night arguing with a 10 year old monkey.
  • Lauren, I just now noticed that your birthday is January 18; January 18 is a very special day to me. It was my oldest brother birthday. The tractor turned over him and killed him in 1959, now, 50 year ago. He was 34. He was very special. Now I will think of you on his birthday, too. Actually, he was killed on Nadia’s 6th birthday, March 23, so her birthday always has a touch of sadness with it.
  • Blame it on your aunt Heather and Julia! They let me have DD last night, I was gonna be DD again, and not drink…in retrospect, so wishing I had stuck with the plan!
  • Wow, thank for letting everyone in the world know about my teeth. Well I have flossing and brushing everyday so tell Doc my teeth will be fine.
  • I know who you are. There’s no need for to sign every single comment you leave.
  • I am so disoriented.
  • Join me in Mafia wars.
  • Day is happy Jack is back…but still need to see action…
  • OMG I hate my job, My Boss is a total crap, he always making me to do odd stuff.
  • If you are looking for Kelly she has a new number. This is her dad.
  • Well it’s too late for that; we knew what we were getting into.
  • Oh Tracy, seriously! You didn’t think FB was private did you, that’s why they have the option to send an email.
  • It’s called insomnia, if you can’t spell it you don’t have it, you are probably doing something stupid and don’t want to sleep or you just want to be a dumb.
  • Do you still using up these expensive birthday coupons.
  • You are on a roll, money from the bank and now free lunch.
  • Today I just learned that Africa is not a country.
  • Well boys, for thousands of years we have been warned about this and it’s finally here: THE HERPOCALYPSE!!!
  • If a black cat crosses your path do you turn and go the other way? I might have added 10 minutes to my morning commute this morning.
  • Today I just found that the under-ground railroad wasn’t even a real road.
  • I just find out today that the under-ground railroad was even not a real railroad.
  • Is 7th of July being celebrated in the 6th and 7th of this year? Because the 4th is a Monday.
  • My teacher is so dumb. He thought the sun was a star.
  • My big idea: I want to start a website where you can search for whatever you want then you can buy it or just like find where to get it.
  • I want to go for a college but how about hitting up elementary first.
  • Today I died my hair brown, not any dumb blonde anymore.
  • Someone told me that you can pay for the stuff on the internet by putting your credit card in the CD slot? Is that true?
  • Ya, what did I do last night?
  • Thank you John for making it impossible for me, to become a teacher.
  • What is steak made of? Like is it own animal? Like you can have a pet steak?
  • I just found out I’ve been spelling “Saterday” wrong (Saturday) my whole life. I hate you spell check! You are always calling me stupid.
  • If the world ended and it was just me and my family, I would definitely delete all my photos from Facebook first.
  • I am sorry for dating with your girlfriend, I sent you a FarmVille gift . Are we Okay now?
  • You are an idiot and I hope you fall in a pit of quicksand.
  • Finished my chemistry midterm with 50 minutes to spare, this must be what making a touchdown feels like.
  • Is anyone keen on dating with my pregnant girlfriend? She is amazing and will always make you laugh.
  • I never believed in physics until I went too one.
  • You’d think by now scientists would have invented something to keep people getting chin hair. We have the technology.
  • All the female dudes from that 70’s TV shows looks just like Justin Bieber.
  • OMG! David just purposed me, may be it is not the way I wanted him to… he did it over text… but who care we are getting married.

We are also planning to show you real snapshots of some weird and most embarrassing Facebook chat in our incoming posts.

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