April Fool Facebook Pranks

On the 1st April of every year million of people play jokes to their close friends and family member and then feel a joy after making them fool by their silly jokes. Well if you come on this page to find some serious trouble April fool ideas then we are sorry because on this blog we just provide a light and reasonable entertainment to internet users. We also strictly forbid you to make serious jokes like prank call about accident, death, big financial loss or any emotional lie which can cause a real trouble to your loved ones or family members.

So what are you doing on this page? If you want some cool ideas to make some fun on first April then you come at the right page.

Facebook April fools status:-

  1. Hi hurry ON your TV and watch the live scene of Eiffel Tower transfer.
  2. I just want to distribute 20$ million kindly send me private messages in my Facebook inbox if you want to claim for this money.
  3. Nibiru planet X is just appeared on the sky and you see its clear view on the roof of your homes.
  4. I just decided to permanently disable my Facebook account, so good bye all my friends.
  5. Please do not forget to watch my live interview about global warming at BBC World tonight.
  6. Congrats Lady Gaga accepted to play a leading role in upcoming Bollywood movie “Pin Slip”.
  7. Government just passes a new bill which let you consume free electricity or next three years.
  8. China announced to start a direct underground train from Shanghai to New York.
  9. Sharukh Khan is nominated for a Nobel Prize for his efforts to save the world in movie Ra-One.
  10. Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg gifted Facebook ownership to his new girlfriend Priscilla Chan and she announced to shutdown the Facebook site at the end of this year.
  11. Angela Merkel accepted the truth that she is a grand child of Hitler.
  12. I am so happy today for official my selection in NBA team.
  13. Honda City new model is just for sale in the price of 120$ only, this deal is valid for 12 hours only.
  14. Bank of America is going to cease all credit cards tomorrow for 3 days, so cash out your money as soon as possible.
  15. My uncle today bring a baby of elephant from Africa Safari, you are welcome to visit my house to see this wonderful baby.
  16. Breaking news: Scientists discover the mystery of Bermuda triangular island.
  17. I just get married, now I am going for a honeymoon so good bye for 10 days.

You can use the lines to update your Facebook status or make prank phone call to your friends; definitely it will bring a lot of fun in your day.

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