Beautiful Facebook Status Quotes

I just added this post under the tittle of beautiful saying for your Facebook status updates, hope you will get motivation from these inspirational quotes and your friends following you on Facebook will also get a new lesson about life by reading these lines.

Beautiful quotes:-

  1. Only backbiting is enough to fall you down from the level of humanity.
  2. Spending a penny on your needy friends is good then spending a million dollars in poor people.
  3. The power of truth can change a dark and thorny path into a carpet of roses.
  4. Betraying with your nation is a sin that cannot be forgiven.
  5. A nation biggest treasure is its peace and without knowledge there cannot be a peace.
  6. Forgiveness is the best deed you can ever made to your enemies.
  7. A man with a lot of money remain poor if he don’t have a sincere friend.
  8. If people stop following their ego, it may bring a wonderful peace around us.
  9. Every person want to reach the maximum height but when he fails, he also try to block others way.
  10. Only two type of persons can be your worst enemies, one who do not belongs to you and the second who are too close to you.
  11. The proof of sincerity comes from a practical, not from words.
  12. To become unbreakable, you needs a steel heart.
  13. This world really do not needs you, it only want, how useful you are.
  14. Physically there is no value of an ant in front of an elephant but logically it can easily defeat a big elephant.
  15. This world is a laboratory where you must get back a result for your every action.
  16. Do not lose your patience at any cost because people even stole the bricks of a fallen house.
  17. The philosophy of death is very strange and I surprise on people who claim to understand it, do they still understand the meanings of life?
  18. It is better to leave selfish relatives, before they left you.
  19. You cannot get the true meanings of life until you get hurt and pain.
  20. If you start a journey without knowing the destination it may end on your dead body.
  21. Dreams and wishes are very essential for life, they acts like fuel for a train.
  22. Some people are damn lazy, they even don’t like to open the door knocked by their great luck.
  23. There is nothing impossible for a person who really want to do nothing.
  24. Mostly people are expert in making a long debate with a short depth.
  25. A wise man give importance to avoid the war instead of win the war.
  26. The mystery of humans is very strange, they search for nothing but lost their own things in this useless search.
  27. A man cannot be old until he stop taking interest in life.
  28. The passage of time make a lot of people old but it make wise only few.
  29. There is no charm in old life because you cannot live for a bright future at that stage.
  30. The oldness is the only thing that everyone get with or with efforts.
  31. Do not hesitate to praise your enemy if he did a good job.
  32. The world do not have any interest in your past but it is looking on your present.
  33. A man who is hungry for money cannot get a peaceful death.

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