Do not get angry from your real friends but showing anger due to their mistakes is your right so if you are mad on your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend then you can shout out your angry mood by updating your Facebook status with these angry quotes.

Angry Facebook Status

Baddest Facebook Statuses

Enjoy some baddest status updates on Facebook about mood, love and females. This is the first time we bring most funny baddest quotes for you guys. These statuses may nicely express your bad feelings on a bad day on Facebook. My baddest status: Who is the biggest Don here? Nobody […]

Hater Quotes for Facebook

These funny hater sayings and quotes will transfer your short dislike messages to your ex boyfriends, girlfriends and enemies in a humorous way. You can post these hater quotes on your Facebook status updates and put a subliminal effects on the mind of your target, these hater Facebook statuses are […]

Insulting Quotes for Facebook

Using insulting quotes on your Facebook status or on Timeline cover can put a negative impression on your personality but sometimes we faced some horrible situations and it become necessary to use some harsh wording or adopt little bit insulting attitude toward some creepy persons who wants to attach with […]

Sad Poems for Facebook Status

Sad poetry is sign of broken heart and mostly poets in the world only write poems about their love failures. They exposed their whole life in few poetry lines, no doubt poetry is the best way to express long stories in short lines. Besides sad poems people also like to […]

Mean Facebook Statuses about Boys

Girls thinks deep in their mind that boys are really mean and following them just for their own interest or a special purpose, similarly mature and married girls have different thoughts about nature of males. In reality both genders have a lot of personal properties including fighting guys, shy girls, […]

Rude Facebook Statuses

Let’s give a big surprise to our Facebook friends by posting some rude quotes on our Facebook status bar. These rude statuses on your Facebook Timeline may damage your personality for a short period of time until your friends your joke. Some of these rude ideas make produce expressions of […]

Sad Songs Quotes for Facebook Status

Do you want to update your today Facebook status with sad song lyrics? Surely you come on the right blog. Sad songs are the best medicine for your sad mood, these songs mostly contains a subliminal messages which really help you to come out from a bad mood. These sad […]

i Hate You Facebook Statuses

Its a big reality that our life cannot go smooth all the times, we faced various situations in our daily life and express our feelings of love, anger, joy, sadness, etc. Same Facebook is become a community for billion of people where they meet new friends, contact lost friends of […]