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Fresh Naughty Facebook Status Updates

Are you naughty and want to do some crazy fun on the Facebook? No problem, we also fin a solution for to satisfy your naughty mood. You can copy and paste or simple click on Facebook like button below to update your FB status with these fresh Facebook statuses. These […]

Depressing Quotes for Status

Sad quotes are mostly used on a Facebook status bar when someone is going through in a trouble scene, sorrow and happiness are two essential parts of our life and we cannot escape from these moments, no matter how much resources you have but you must face sadness and happiness […]

Really Funny FB Status Updates

Welcome to very funny status updates for Facebook page here, this is the page where you get top most funny FB status ideas. Do you ever think why we need these funny quotes or messages for our status update on social networking sites including your favorite Facebook and rapidly growing […]

Punjabi Facebook Status

Punjabi funny quotes for Facebook are just added today on our blog and we will give you more Punjabi status messages time to time. Punjabi is the world language 5th most speaking language and same like Urdu it is a mixture of several other languages, it is mostly spoken in […]

Facebook Pick up Lines

Do you want to target your friends mind through your Facebook status, no problem we have a fresh collection of some unique but catchy Facebook statuses which will guaranteed work as “pick up lines” in the chemistry of your Facebook friends. Funny pickup lines status for Facebook:- It is really […]

Funny Cricket Status for Facebook

Cricket is the 3rd most popular game in the world, its history was started inEngland and with in a few years it rapidly spread in European and Asian countries. Top ranked countries in Cricket sports areAustralia,India,Sri Lanka, Wes Indies, Pakistan andBangladesh. This game is played in three moods of One […]

Funny Facebook Statuses for Girls

Are you a jolly girl who want to get a lot of likes and comments also for her Facebook status, you just arrived at the right planet because we are going to give you a dozen of free status quotes that will really increase your popularity among our Facebook fans […]

Wisdom Quotes Facebook Status

Are you looking for quotes about intelligence, wisdom, failure in life or fail in falling love? You come at the right place where you find the supreme sayings about wisdom, that you never read or heard before. Wise quotes:- You can also kill a person by giving him too much […]

LOL Facebook Status

Warning! Please do not update your Facebook status with these damn funny statuses because it may put a big LOL attack on your Facebook friends and they may registered a complaint against you to Facebook officials that your funny status give them an extreme laugh which ended on a belly […]

Popular Facebook Status Quotes

In the start of 2012 when Facebook team announced that the characters limit of Facebook status is extended up to 500 words, since that day we are reading short stories on the profile pages of our friends in the status updates. In this entry we are going to disclose some most famous […]