Love Facebook Status

Sad Love Quotes for Facebook

Sad love sayings and quotes is the best way to express the true feelings of a betrayed or broken heart. If you also buried some sorrow in the core of your heart then you must try to bring out your sadness and sorrow by sharing your feelings with your close […]

Cute Crush Quotes for Facebook

Love crush sayings and quotes about boys and girls is the hot topic on every social network now a days because it is summer vacations every where and both boys and girls got enough time for crush, some people are serious about searching and purposing their soul mate but most […]

ASCII Art Symbols Facebook Statuses

Use funny symbols and stylish ASCII art in your Facebook statuses and Nick names, you are also free to use these beautiful quotes written in cool symbols and designs on your Facebook Timeline cover. You can also text or SMS these lovely ASCII quotes on your friend’s mobile numbers to […]

Good Facebook Statuses about Love

The following are the best quotes for your Facebook status and Timeline covers as well, use these quotes at your best mood on every day of the week. Use heart quotes on Sunday and life quotes on Monday. Good LMS about love:- Love is a feeling which only appears in […]

Does He Like Me Facebook Statuses

Does he like me? Does she love me? Does she is/he is engaged? These are the most popup questions for every teen girl or guy who is chatting on Facebook with an opposite gender for some time. You may also like some guy on the Facebook, because it now become […]

Romantic Facebook Status Quotes

Romance in our today world is not only limited to physical states but it also spread over cyber world too, now cyber datind and online marriage is become an ordinary news and nobody get a surprise by listening such kind of things anymore. Facebook is the world biggerst cyber station […]