Arabic Quotes for Facebook Status

Arabic Facebook statuses showing on this page are not written in Arabic font but if you want to convert these quotations into Arabic language then you can use Google translation for this purpose, on this page we just collected most famous Arabic quotes about love and life and sayings of […]

ASCII Art Symbols Facebook Statuses

Use funny symbols and stylish ASCII art in your Facebook statuses and Nick names, you are also free to use these beautiful quotes written in cool symbols and designs on your Facebook Timeline cover. You can also text or SMS these lovely ASCII quotes on your friend’s mobile numbers to […]

Life Quotes for Facebook Cover

Facebook Timeline cover is a new fun for regular Facebook users and every user is trying to make his/her cover more attractive and unique by adding beautiful photos and inspiring quote headings. In this post we cannot provide you any illustrations, glitters or art work for your Facebook cover but […]

Who Said This Quotes for Facebook Status

Some questions, quotes, lines and sayings are blink in our minds instantly but we failed to get the source of the familiar statements. The fact behind this situation is the activeness of our subconscious mind which flashes about certain things. In some situation we actually get the original source of […]

Rude Facebook Statuses

Let’s give a big surprise to our Facebook friends by posting some rude quotes on our Facebook status bar. These rude statuses on your Facebook Timeline may damage your personality for a short period of time until your friends your joke. Some of these rude ideas make produce expressions of […]

Wisdom Quotes Facebook Status

Are you looking for quotes about intelligence, wisdom, failure in life or fail in falling love? You come at the right place where you find the supreme sayings about wisdom, that you never read or heard before. Wise quotes:- You can also kill a person by giving him too much […]

Beautiful Facebook Status Quotes

I just added this post under the tittle of beautiful saying for your Facebook status updates, hope you will get motivation from these inspirational quotes and your friends following you on Facebook will also get a new lesson about life by reading these lines. Beautiful quotes:- Only backbiting is enough […]