Rude Status

Insulting Quotes for Facebook

Using insulting quotes on your Facebook status or on Timeline cover can put a negative impression on your personality but sometimes we faced some horrible situations and it become necessary to use some harsh wording or adopt little bit insulting attitude toward some creepy persons who wants to attach with […]

Facebook Pick up Lines

Do you want to target your friends mind through your Facebook status, no problem we have a fresh collection of some unique but catchy Facebook statuses which will guaranteed work as “pick up lines” in the chemistry of your Facebook friends. Funny pickup lines status for Facebook:- It is really […]

Rude Facebook Statuses

Let’s give a big surprise to our Facebook friends by posting some rude quotes on our Facebook status bar. These rude statuses on your Facebook Timeline may damage your personality for a short period of time until your friends your joke. Some of these rude ideas make produce expressions of […]