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Cheating quotes said my famous philosophers and wise people are not only a line of some words but in these words they shared their while life experience with the rest of humanity. In this post we added some wise words about cheating and little funny quotes on cheating too, hope you will enjoy this unique combination and get a new strength for move on.

Cheating quotes status updates:-

Stuck your head on a rock is better then crying for a cheater.

A wife cannot cheat her husband but a husband can provide her chances for cheating.

I know you are cheating with your spouse but don’t worry you are welcome in my friends circle.

Breakup is a much better option then cheating your partner.

On Facebook every cheater says that “I hate cheaters”.

Guys mostly cheat when find a better face attracted toward them and girls cheat when they find no attraction in the current relationship.

Chatting on someone is a hard job indeed and I am not a candidate for this job.

Cheating is a job of clever and active persons but I am sorry to say, I am a lazy person.

When you start feeling annoyed in a relationship, it is a sign of breakup.

Worrying about a cheater is a short way to humiliate you.

You may start Getting Delusions when your boyfriend lying you again and again.

I don’t like to cheat in a relation but I also feel not bad while cheating to save my taxes.

Lie is the first step of cheating.

There are several ways to ways to cheat on words with friends but I like to do it on my Iphone, silly I am talking about a game only.

A bold person is unfamiliar with the world “Cheating”.

By cheating you can save your body for a while but cannot save your soul at all.

There is a thin line between cheating and plagiarizing.

Die with honor is a difficult thing to achieve but living with cheating is the easiest stuff that everyone can do.

I like kids because they cannot cheat.

Cheating is the most common reason of failure love.

A faithful relation is more clean then a mineral water.

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