Cute Goodnight Quotes for Boyfriend

Sweet goodnight quotes is the topic of our today post and we delicate this share to all good boyfriends of sweet lovely girls who are 100 percent loyal to their relationship. We also added some romantic lyrics of famous song on saying good night, hope you will enjoy these love quotes and post these quotes on your Facebook status as well, if you have more spare time for your boyfriend then you can also embed your favorite line or song lyric on the Timeline cover of your Facebook, it may give a pleasant surprise to your lovely man.

These quotes are not only for girls but married women can also use these good quotes to wish goodnight to their sweet husbands.

Cute Goodnight Facebook statuses:-

  1. Moon was stranger to me but after we met it now become mine more then anyone, it is my postman, do you received a good night love letter from it?
  2. A boyfriend like you is a dream of every girl, but there is no girl like me and you are still my boyfriend.
  3. I do a lot of things everyday with your thinking in my mind and I see a lot of dreams every night and every dream is about you.
  4. I have a lot o romantic night ideas in my mind but without you all are flops.
  5. I read a lot of love quotes from William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet but I never get wordings to wish you a loveliest good night but yes I feel one thing, my nights are meaningless without your dreams.
  6. Do you want to a lovely bed story for a better sleep? Let me use your shoulder as a pillow and I will take you in world of ours.
  7. Every night in my dreams we become a happy couple but the light of day clear the scene.
  8. Good morning my sweet honey, oh sorry I am sleeping and my mobile is involved in stupid activities.
  9. Do you remember our old school days, when you steel a mango from an ice-cream shop and sell it on an electronic store and our math doctor kidnapped you, do you remember? Well I am in sleep, if you remember anything like that then let me know tomorrow.
  10. Before the Mark Zuckerberg close his Facebook shop let me say you good night my dear.
  11. There is a fantasy world in my eyes which only appear on thinking you.
  12. I wish I could spend my winter nights in your arms and get natural warmth.
  13. Tell me the truth, which is more romantic, the moon saying your name or the stars blinking on your name?
  14. The time of Facebook is just finished, now join me at Nightbook.
  15. Let me call you and arrest your voice in my ears for a lovely sleep.
  16. I have no objection if you wake up in the mid of night and call on my mobile phone and ask, why you are not sleeping?
  17. The passion of my nights is only dreaming about you.
  18. My heart is asking for a warm hug before go to bed, can you do this on the Facebook?
  19. After leaving you, the night is only thing in my life to cover up our break up sorrows.
  20. Before you close your eye and enter into the happy valley of dreams, check your SMS inbox, there is a goodnight kiss waiting for you.

You can use these night messages on Facebook and also Tweet to your man also, do what ever you want but do it with a lot of love and care.

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