Double Meaning Facebook Status Jokes

You can join the new world army today, so hurry pack your bag and get ready for the donkey racing test.

I want to give you a special thanks to be my friend, I am so proud of you, I cannot imagine survive in life without you, I feel so incomplete without you, you really know the meanings of best friendship, thank you my friendly underwear.

I have to take you intelligence test so give me the right answer of this question, how fool are you 90%, 99.5% or 99.9 %? You must give the answer to prove your intelligence other wise you will be consider the biggest fool living on the Facebook.

Let me offer all my girlfriends to dislike this status update, and the girls who dare to like my status quote will be definitely out of my league.

Cut my heart and get my red blood to refill your pen so hat you can also make some comments on my FB wall.

Do you listen new Hindi song of Britney Spears in which she added a French poem?


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