Fresh Naughty Facebook Status Updates

Are you naughty and want to do some crazy fun on the Facebook? No problem, we also fin a solution for to satisfy your naughty mood. You can copy and paste or simple click on Facebook like button below to update your FB status with these fresh Facebook statuses.

These naughty statuses are also best suited for your Timeline covers because most of these quotes are one-liner and double meanings also. If you are afraid that your friends may get angry by reading these funny naught messages on your FB wall then you should avoid using these quotes on your status.

Fresh Facebook Statuses:-

Today I am going to withdraw my money from Facebook stock share, because I am deleting my FB account and there will be no chance for Facebook to survive without me.

Better you got flu first before you read my witty Facebook status.

I am only good in dump a person on the gas pump, so if you wana fight then meet me at petrol pump.

I can prove that 90% girls on Facebook have troll faces but they are looking beautiful with makeup techniques.

Girls start spoiling my life when I was only 3.5 seconds old.

I am looking for a coworker who can like my every FB status and post some special comments.

Old guy Hugh Hefner is better then young good looking smart guys; at least he has a wealth and a long row of beautiful girls in his swimming pool.

If you are unable to read my status quotes then you can visit my Tumblr profile on your dad laptop.

Who said that Kate Middleton is hot, I bet my motorcycle cylinder is hotter then her.

People believe that Charlize Theron is the most beautiful woman in the world but I am not ready to believe it until she comes into my arms.

A flash light is better then a star light because I always have a switch off option.

I am still confused about what is most tasty your lips or strawberry shake?

Tell me the names of your troll looking boyfriends, your time starts now!

At last you caught me, now you can take me to your bed room.

Who is the most desirable girl on the Facebook besides me?

I am very angry today because some stupid persons update my Wikipedia profile with wrong information, they wrote, I am the most mart guy on this planet but they do not mention my name there.

Please someone tell how to block these Kardashians sisters’ stories on my Yahoo home page?

I like silent music and duff voice songs by president Obama.

Little Johnny is not little any more, call me little and then I will tell you how big I am.

No one can beat you because you are the only one who run better then donkey and jumping better then monkey.

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