Funny Bios for Twitter, Xbox & Instagram

These funny quotes are for your Twitter profiles bios and funny tweetsInstagram bios and photos, Xbox bios and also for your Facebook bios too. These bios quotes are taken from real celebrity profiles on Twitter and some fake twitter posts on various fun blogs and Facebook fun pages. You can use these funny biography ideas on your Instagram profile, Twitter profile, Google Plus profile or on your Facebook Timeline covers.

Funny bios quotes:-

1)      @Spiderman: I am making a new web where all World Wide Web users can use new versions of Facebook and Twitter.

2)      @Wikipedia: We are open source but it’s impossible to change a valid source on any Wiki page.

3)      @Samsung: IfCaliforniacourt judges start using Samsung Galaxy then they will definitely announce their order in our favor.

4)      @iPhone: We cannot allow to copy our design until we fully copy others ideas.

5)      @Tumblr: Please respect others privacy and do not post quotes with photos of real persons.

6)      @Instagram: Instagram new app for Mac was first tested on an Android phone.

7)      @Nokia: Disconnected people living in same house.

8)      @Sony: Try out Sony expire coupon deal and you will “Like No Other”.

9)      @Kim Kardashian: Touching believes.

10)  @Kourtney Kardashian: Kardashian is our middle name.

11)  @Megan Fox: There is no control over beast and beauty.

12)  @ Lindsay Lohan: Every season is JAIL season.

13)  @Walmart: We save your money and you live poor.

14)  @NASA: We are intelligent life on earth because we know how to use public money in a smart way.

15)  @Marilyn Monroe: My dead quotes are still alive on Facebook and Tumblr.

16)  @Snooki: A body ft is a terrible thing to waste.

17)  @Xbox: Pay from your pocket and play from your own home.

18)  @Facebook: There is no substitute of our login failure.

19)  @Yahoo: Are you tired from reading boring news? Don’t worry we bring some damn and awesome but latest boring news exclusively for you.

20)  @Microsoft: We dismiss Bill Gates now you can trust on our originality.

21)  @Amazon: Yes you done and we gain.

22)  @EBay: Do you still have some money in your pocket?

23)  @Paypal: No money? Get out

24)  @Justin Bieber: I am expanding my mind to change my girlfriend now.

25)  @Eva Mendes: There is no measurement for my body until I leaveHollywood.

26)  @Kristen Stewart: Believe me wolfs are better boyfriends.

27)  @Carrie Underwood: Become a bad girl is very necessary for a regular circulation on the internet.

28)  @Hillary Clinton: Besides my wonder smile I also know the secret of a cute laugh.

29)  @Hilary Duff: Disney movies is a great fun for people over 70, kids cannot understand subliminal messages in the movies.

30)  @Emma Watson: I will reward 10000$ if someone tell me a real magic trick to come out safely from the stupidlandofHarry Potter.

31)  @Fergie: My songs are written by my grandma so better you gift a DVD of my new album to your grand parents.

32)  @Bar Refaeli: My swimsuit measurements are true on Twitter but following wrong on Facebook.

33)  @Kate Middleton: My pregnancy news is valid because I also heard this news on British Royal radio and I trust this source.

34)  @Pippa Middleton: All you need a perfect back and a white dress on the wedding of some celebrity to get popular.

35)  @Taylor Swift: My love story and my boyfriend songs are the French rhymes I read in 6th standard.

36)  @Selena Gomez: I missed myself when kids used to play with me on their color books.

37)  @Miley Cyrus: Be stupid for the last place where you want to go.

38)  @ Britney Spears: Imagination of miracles at work is a cool idea but never try a bald head at work.

39)  @Nicki Minaj: Keep going for a better love and one day you will definitely discover my love songs.

40)  @Youtube: Watch me or download me or post stupid comments on me.


Most of these funny bios are made from slogan of famous brands, now it’s your turn to edit these bio quotes and tweet them or post on FB status with some funny Instagram picture.

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