Funny Birthday Facebook Statuses

Birthday quotes with a beautiful print card decorated with fresh flowers could be a pleasant surprise for your beloved ones but in case if your beloved is hundreds miles away from you or you are unable to post him/her a printed birthday card then you have nothing to worry because you can contact him through Facebook and wish him happy birthday through a lovely text message on his Timeline. You can also post these funny but lovely birthday quotes on your Facebook Timeline with a flowery birthday covers.

Birthday is a special event which come only once in a year in our life and we make some strong decisions and plans for our future achievements, we also set several goals for our future life on this special occasion and also invite our friends to celebrate this day with us. Now you can wish a birthday to your friends or girlfriends in a special way by posting a funny birthday message on your Facebook status.

Funny birthday quotes for Facebook status:-

  1. Live happy or die happy, I have only one concern from you, send my birthday gift as soon as possible.
  2. On this day, you added one more stupid year in your silly life.
  3. Do you check your toilet seat? I just mailed you a lovely birthday gift.
  4. I am sorry; I cannot wish your birthday here on Facebook because I am unable to see you joker looking face.
  5. Do you happy to receive my Anonymous gift on your birthday.
  6. I really apologize for sending you a late birthday wishes; actually I was busy in writing a book on your biography.
  7. My boss kicked me off from the job because I was celebrating my birthday in his wife room.
  8. You can improve your IQ level by forgetting your date of birth.
  9. Please receive my best wishes on your birthday day and kindly return my red trouser you borrowed last week.
  10. I just caught a thief; he was trying to steel your birthday cake from your inbox.
  11. Birthday alert: Today is a happy day for you but I am suffering in flu so cannot attend your rotten birthday party.
  12. My little tweedy just destroy your birthday wishes now I am trying to rebuilt it.
  13. Girls want gold jewelry on her birthdays and boys want money to buy gold jewelry for their girlfriends, what a coincidence?
  14. Believe it or not but I am sending you a King Kong on your birthday.
  15. What is your preferred gift for this day, a warm hug or a hot kiss?
  16. A husband cannot forget a birthday of his wife until her death ceremony.
  17. Do you smell a BD cake, on my Facebook Timeline?
  18. There 365 days in a year but one day is different from all these days, guess which day?
  19. I want to fix my wedding date on my birthday to punish myself.

You are free to translate these funny birthday quotes into Hindi, French, and Spanish or in your native language to post them on your Facebook status

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