Funny Cricket Status for Facebook

Cricket is the 3rd most popular game in the world, its history was started inEngland and with in a few years it rapidly spread in European and Asian countries. Top ranked countries in Cricket sports areAustralia,India,Sri Lanka, Wes Indies, Pakistan andBangladesh. This game is played in three moods of One Day, Test match and 20-20 series.

Facebook Cricket Statuses:-

Indiawants to defeatPakistanand want to win againstIndiabut what do you want?

ICI declared new rules for international cricket which surely help in a fool proof spot fixing.

Cricket players are very brave in the ground but they also become cowards if they go back to their country without victory.

You can do a lot of things on Facebook but cannot watch live cricket stream because it is ill legal in their privacy policy, so better you leave the Facebook and on your TV.

Gambling cannot live without IPL and Sharjah cup.

A batsman can easily make a century only if the bowler is a vampire.

Female cricket team is better then male teams because they got a real jealousy against each other.

Fight of cricket fans is more interesting then cat fight, is it right?

Cricket half time is the time to discuss next acting section.

Who saidHollywoodgot top class actors, do you not notice natural acting of cricket players?

Bollywood celebrities are involving in cricket because they want more good acting training.

Omar Akmal and his brothers are the king maker of Pakistani team.

Scientists are training chimpanzees for cricket because they believe that they are more loyal.

Who is better cricketer, Sachin or Afridi?

I just call on Dhoni mobile number and do you know what he said? He said wrong number.

The best cricket joke in the history: Afridi break out his own record.

Do you know why Imran Khan becomes a politician? This is all because of this stupid cricket.

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