Funny Drama Quotes for FB

There might be only 5 percent of the world population who do not entertain from TV drama serials in any part of their life, mostly kids, teenagers, girls and house wives are mostly showing their interest in watching TV serials. On this page we are also going to entertain our blog fans with most funny drama scripts, most of these quotes are collected from most famous dramas. These funny drama quotes can also be use as a status message on your Facebook wall or you can use your favorite funny drama dialogues on the cover of your Timeline to make it more prominent.

Funny Drama scripts for Facebook status:-

A Drunken man and his wife:

Husband: Darling could you please serve me the same meat as you served me last night?

Wife: I did not serve any meat, it was you who cooked and eat that meat.

Husband: Oh, OK, but where is Tommy (pet dog) I do not see him this morning.

Wife: He was in your stomach, you duffer last night you shoot the Tommy and cooked him for the dinner.

Hackle and Jackal planning something cool:

Hackle: let’s do a thing

Jackal: what?

Hackle: Let’s make afraid our enemy with a cool trick

Jackal: How

Hackle: Go ahead and terror him, he is coming

Jackal, but how do I terror him

Hackle: Just go and say in his ear “Lady Gaga wants to marry you”

A pregnant mother and naught kid:

Kid: Mama, I am noticing that your belly is growing big day by day

Mother: its OK honey, nothing to worry

Kid: I bet there is something, you hiding from me

Mother: Ok, it’s your younger brother here

Kid, what, you monster, you eat my young brother

Mother: cool down honey, let me explain

Kid: No way, I am going to call 911, give all your explanations in the police station

Little Johnny and Jolly:-

Lil Johnny: Hey Jolly does not dare to enter into this toilet because it is my turn now

Jolly: This is not your father property so you cannot stop me to go in.

Little Johnny: Hey, why you listen and locked the door, don’t you have my words?

Jolly: I don’t care about you

Johnny: Please come out, I am getting late for my interview

Jolly: Oh, so today you have an interview appointment in the toilet.


You can also rehearsal these funny drama jokes and scripts and learn the quotes for a comedy play in your college or school.

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