Funny Drinking Quotes from Movies

Famous drinking quotes and sayings are collected in this post from various movies to engage our blog readers with more fun and humor. We try to list one liner and short drinking quotes here so that our readers can easily understand the inner message of these funny hangover quotes and dialogues taken from various funny Hollywood movies.

Funny drinking sayings:-

You know I don’t drink for happiness in life but or the happiness of others life who like to make fun of my drunken face.

You can avoid yourself from hangover by drink beyond your limits.

Toilet is the only safest place to fall down on dirt by escaping yourself from the eyes of this world.

I do not understand, why fool drinks to stay within limits?

Chuck Norris and Benjamin Franklin can be the best advertising manger for some beer company.

I just got only one lesson from Irish drinking quotes that you cannot survive after drinking even in your own home.

I drink that I may force myself to stay in hangover.

Why, after all I drink; do memories of your scary face haunt me day and night?

Do I drink every day? When don’t I drink?

You are the only one who can stop him from drinking on the toilet seat.

I will give up drinking on this Thanksgiving Day.

You have only two options, leave drinking or start paying beer bill.

Are you afraid I’ll drink again? I am also afraid that you will catch me again.

For friendship’s sake let me drink one more time.

Alcohol is poison I know but I am addicted to this poison.

I cannot afford dancing to an audience of drunken men, in this way my bucks are on the high risk.

Alcohol is the only way to get rid of a respectful life.

Champagne color is blue; I can bet it on the Eiffel tower.

In my town you are not allowed to drive or poop after drinking.

Drinking is good for you only if you know how to live without liver and kidneys.

You cannot get drunk with milk, you silly.

Yes these monkeys and donkeys become pretty for me whenever I drunk

If you got a urine smell from your wine then you may on the target of worst enemies.

An occasional drink is the most frequent trend of American society.

After drinking you come out from the range of devil attacks because you drink the mother of all evils.

My IQ level is 9.9 so I drink to erase my previous semester lessons from my mind.

In college I have only friendship with two things, a liquid and a bottle.

The only risk of whiskey can come upon you in thousand ways.

A beer holder automatically got a magical eye sight of seeing beauty even he can smell beauty under his toilet seat too.

Stay drunk and you cannot make difference between a strawberry cake and a dung cake.

A family cannot get an awkward photo without drinking.

I cannot update my Facebook status tonight because i pour some stupid liquid on the keyboard.

These funniest drinking quotes are collect from television celebrities, movie characters and from some historical events as well and our aim is to spread a public message that drinking is a bad habit and it enough to destroy your nobility and respect in the society.

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