Funny Facebook Status Questions to Post

Do you ever post a question on your Facebook status? If not then you must participate in funny question game for your Facebook status because this is one f the cool and approved way of getting guaranteed likes and amazing comments for you’re every question asked in the FB status bar. This is the first blog on the internet who bring out this special idea for Facebook lovers and we are pre sure that all our fans will enjoy this funny idea a lot.

This LMS idea is no doubt going to publish here for the first time but honestly this is not purely our own self generated idea, we actually got this idea from the experienced users of Facebook who are getting hundreds of like in response to their every status update.

Funny questions for Facebook status:-

  1. If I invited you for my birthday celebration on the Jupiter with a fast spaceship return ticket, then what will be your response?
  2. Can you wake this whole night for me on Facebook chat?
  3. Who is the guy here who gives treat to his friends on his first breakup?
  4. Raise your hands if you want to fire a case against Facebook for converting your Facebook profile into a Timeline?
  5. How many times do you go for a poop in one day?
  6. Anybody here interested in dating with me next weekend?
  7. What would you like to choose between a beautiful girlfriend and new model of BMW car?
  8. Do you ever try to hide your age during online chat?
  9. How much money do you have right now in your pocket and how much you can donate for a charity?
  10. Do you feel jealousy if your wife chat with her friends on the Facebook?
  11. Who you cannot live without Facebook, give me one solid reason.
  12. What is more important in your life Facebook or me?
  13. Do you ever fight with your siblings over using Facebook first on the computer?
  14. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
  15. Do you ever dream about acting in some movie?
  16. Define your relationship with your current boyfriend/girlfriend in one single word.
  17. Write down the name of your fantasy female actress.
  18. Do you get any punishment from your school or college in this month, if yes then let me know the exact reason also.
  19. Do you like to record your funny voice on your iPhone by using Tom Cat app?
  20. You cannot fly in air even with an aero plane, show me if you ever did it.
  21. Which is your favorite body part, you like to kiss?
  22. Please make a try to post some most epic comment on my Timeline cover photo.
  23. What is your best policy for best friends on the Facebook?
  24. Tell me your story of joining the Facebook.
  25. Can I borrow your Facebook password for tonight?

These amazing questions will definitely surprise your friends and you will get a bunch of funny interesting answers under you Facebook status comments.

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