Funny Good Morning Facebook Statuses

Good morning Facebook status messages must be updated with the arrival of new day and buddies on Facebook wish a lovely good morning to their friends in a nice and pleasant way. Whishing someone with nice good morning quotes or sayings is indeed a good habit but what if you wish someone new day with a bit humorous way.

On this page you will find funny SMS and quotes for your Facebook good morning status updates, you can also edit names used in these status messages with your own name or  replace it with your someone special friend to tease her.

Funny Good morning quotes for Facebook status:-

  1. Good morning, this message can be only read by owls that wake up all the night.
  2. Bonjour my friends, yes I wake up today in a French version.
  3. My morning SMS alert may really hate about my love with my soft bed.
  4. My morning routine: open my eyes by listen my alarm shut down my alarm clock and again go to sleep.
  5. I always like to cheat morning by setting wrong time on my wrist watch.
  6. I never feel good when someone wake me up from my bed by saying “Good Morning”.
  7. You can make your morning beautiful only if you wake up by having my photo under your cushion.
  8. I like shining stars and bright moon on every morning, do you like too?
  9. At least I completed first stage of mission impossible; I really come out from my bed to say you a lovely good morning.
  10. I loose my brightness every morning, do you know why? Silly, you don’t know moon cannot shine in the day light.
  11. Girls wake up in the morning with horror faces if they slept without removing their face makeup; I know you are looking perfect without any make-up.
  12. What is your first job in the morning, washing your face or cleaning your mind from my beautiful memories?
  13. Attention please, its time to break your dreams, good morning and do some practical in life you lazy.
  14. I wish you say “Good night” every morning and I catch you back in my romantic dreams.
  15. Good morning, I am going to sleep so please don’t disturb me anymore.
  16. I cannot leave my bed until you give me warm hug and say good morning darling, can you dare to do this.
  17. I just send you a greeting card to say you “Good morning: hope you will get the card before tonight.
  18. Good morning Facebook, I am your host “Sam” hope you like my company.
  19. My favorite good morning song is, sleep again and sleep again.
  20. Les go out for a date, but please change first your sleeping dress, good morning honey.
  21. It’s morning here in America; if you are good then you can say a Hi to me.

Hope you like these funny but latest good morning statuses as you like a hot tea at your bed early in the morning.

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