Funny Goodbye Quotes

Funny farewell or goodbye sayings and short quotes put a pleasant effect on the person you left. Some people get emotional and use sad and somewhat grief wordings, no doubt they are also trying to show their love for the other person but such kind of sentences and wording may also put some sad feelings in the heart of leaving a person.

So here we are going to share some most funny farewell quotes and song lyrics with our fans and you can use these quotes directly in face to face conservation with your close friends and you can also use these quotes in your Facebook status or wall post.

Funny goodbye Facebook statuses:-

  1. Let me drop you out of my door, maybe you return back.
  2. I have nothing to say on this farewell, let me first read a good book about goodbye quotes.
  3. It’s really very hard to say you goodbye because I am facing a very hard constipation right now.
  4. There is good jumping feeling inside my heart whenever I say your goodbye.
  5. Good-bye means I will feel good when you left me.
  6. Hello how are you, OK good bye!
  7. I want to salute that person who discovered the word goodbye.
  8. I can’t express my feeling when my boring teacher says my goodbye.
  9. I appreciate your wasteful ideas now you need garbage cleaner.
  10. Let’s invent something silly for every farewell among us.
  11. Never say goodbye to your Facebook friends until you see their faces in reality.
  12. I am busy in preparing a funny song for your farewell.
  13. Love start with one word “hello” and also ends with a single word “goodbye”, so where are the complications in love?
  14. All is good for me to say you goodbye.
  15. I don’t like my boyfriend even if he tells me goodbye with a smiling face.
  16. The gynecologist is the first person who says hello to every child but say goodbye to their mothers.
  17. You and your girlfriend always behave sadly on every farewell, but feeling cool inside.
  18. I am looking for a decent dress for a final goodbye to my wife on our divorce day.
  19. Saying nothing is so natural way of leaving.
  20. Goodnight with goodbye sounds silly.
  21. Every morning my dreams tell me goodbye in the voice of my wife.

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