Funny Goodnight Quotes for Facebook

Good night Facebook statuses are appearing on Facebook 24 hours because it is a global community and when its day inUnited States, there is a night time inIndia. Wishing a goodnight to your loved one is a great feeling and mostly we feel a pleasure when someone leaves us by saying a nice good night message. A boy tries to say something romantic love quote to his girl on a on this time  Friends try to say something funny and other people also trying t say something according to their relationship.

It is not bad if tonight you write a funny text or sayings on your Facebook status before sign out your FB account, definitely this action will create a pleasant reaction in your friend’s minds.

Funny Goodnight Facebook Status:-

I am missing you honey but you are absent today from your regular Facebook class; I have nothing to say but goodnight.

I know you miss me but it is also very important to catch my dream girl during my sleep so good night dear friends.

Hey do not forget to put your diaper on before sleeping.

I am going to another city so I am sorry that I cannot come in your dreams tonight.

I love to sleep but I really hate mosquitoes alarm inside my ears.

Attention: Do not eat rice in your dinner otherwise you will face sweet dreams tonight.

Have a good night is an old saying of Russian philosopher, I want to say you happy night.

Do you ever experience a horror dream? If not then you must put your snap under your pillow.

Please remove your profile photo before you go to sleep, it reminds me Hitler and I got scary dreams every night.

There must be a peace on Facebook until you wake up.

You can sleep like a kid until you got one.

Snoring is a good thing to tease your wife, it let you sleep and your partner cannot dare to sleep.

I faced many problems during my school life and sleeping during a lecture was the minor problem.

I do not get a nice sleep at night on my bed but get a fantastic sleep on my classroom desk.

I am going to press F5 because I need to refresh my mind with a 6 hour sleep.

I want 100 good night kisses from 1000 girls for a good sleep.

I am going to transfer my status from Facebook to Sleepbook.

Dancing in dreams is symptom of mad sleep.

I am away for a cute sleep.

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