Funny Instagram Quotes for Pictures

Instagram funny sayings and quotes can be seeing on 50% pictures filtered from instagram to post on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or online photo blogs. Instagram is now belongs to Facebook and it is still a free service and you can sign up for a free account in less than a minute. You can also download Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and put cool and amazing photo effects on the pictures you taken from your cell phone, after making cool filter effects on your photos you can directly share your edited pictures to any popular social network including Facebook.

Most of us like to add some inspiring or funny quote on every picture we edited on Instagram, this is the right place to discover some most funny and sarcastic quotes for your Instagram photos, you can also include these short quotes on your Instagram Bio as well.

Funny Instagram photo quotes:-

I don’t care about people emotions when they need unpractical tasks from me.

We have only three things in common; both of us correctly spell 1, 2 and 3.

Yes you really deserve a lot of peace, so what about coma?

Honey I am sorry but you really look older on every New Year party.

We were happy in our lives when we were strangers.

If you love me you’ll love my mind too.

Why do girlfriends have to breakup without breaking anything?

You are lucky, because you just discover the most adorable photo of this century.

I understand your stupid object behind this lovely subject.

If you are looking for funny snaps then go away I am serious guy.

Hire my services to protect your body from solar eclipses

Only a circus joker can use your big earrings in a best way.

Keep watching me until you believe on love at first sight.

Follow me for flowers.

If there is no loyalty in this world, how do I exist?

Do you know grandma still believes on ghosts, spirits and good men?

I bet nobody can dare to break your world record of extra ordinary stupidity.

I am expert in making office jokes during my office work.

I am looking for a Zombie girlfriend to get a fast “The End”.

You can observe stupid people making search on Google for “free gifts”, tell me do you ever pay for a gift?

I hate people who get more likes on my LMS ideas.

My revenge for my girlfriend: I am going to update my status with her real age.

The easiest way to lose weight fast: comment on my photo from right 30 times then from left 60 times and then from up 90 time and at last from down 120 times.

After death we do not convert into stars but go underground, deal with it.

You don’t look scary at all; Ok let me punch on your face to make your dream true.

I need a mechanic to repair my Facebook account.

Fire me from your stupid issues job.

I am an expert level crazy person.

Dream about nothing is the best way f peaceful sleep.

Somebody call clean-up service, there is a lot of garbage on my Facebook Timeline.

Your stupid meaningless activities cannot make you an artist.

Your face is so photogenic but I am looking for a film-genie face.

I am lazy; I never finish my relation with my boyfriend.

Stop purchasing gold from the market; you can take this golden frame picture for free.

I am a big supporter of making farts in public; you cannot snatch human natural right.

Farting is natural phenomena so don’t interrupt in nature even in your office.

I respect my boss, I always keep his photo under my expensive shoe sole.

I cannot bring creative ideas until my boss bring me out from this cube box.

I must quit looking when I find a girlfriend.

Yes I have a finger for your ring.

If you don’t get any alert on your Facebook, it’s me.

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