Funny Jealousy Quotes For Facebook

These funny jealousy quotes and sayings are the great teasing messages for all your enemies and haters on Tumblr and Facebook status. In fact we face jealous and bully people everywhere; these haters follow good guys and girls in schools, college, workplaces, social networks, etc.

Funny Jealousy Quotes

  1. Behind every successful man lies a pack of haters. So it’s only natural if your post box is filled with threat letters.
  2. As my birthday approaches, I like to reminisce about past events. I am changing into a completely newer person than I was years ago and I plan on continuing to become a better person. All I wanted to say was thank you to everyone that ever showed me respect and friendship over my life.
  3. Good morning cute girls, boys and haters! Enjoy your day and have a good day at school, work and kicking back and wagging haha kidding! Have a bless day.
  4. Letting go of stupidity feels so good. Life’s too short to let the haters hold you down!
  5. Counting down the minutes till the bears take it to the cheese heads then maybe all the haters will be quiet!
  6. Haters probably bring up some valid points considering I am an ignorant little twat so far my own that I blame my problems on everyone and if you criticize me, you are automatically wrong!
  7. That awkward moment when the person who bullies you is right behind you and you don’t know until you happen to turn around because someone else was talking to you and the bully is right there.
  8. Let me upload ugly faces of haters on Instagram to put some cute effects on them.
  9. I’m not the same person anymore I’m sticking by my one love of my life so everyone who don’t like it kiss a pig and die haters, I have my man.
  10. I am so happy with every thing going on right, now thanks to all the haters look at me now I stay with the racks and still counting, I love my family and the friends I have now..
  11. Everything I do is always for good intention and I hope some of you haters can see that cause deep down I am just another guy like you, that’s all I am and you know what we all in this together, we are here to train, we are here to inspire each other, we are here to motivate each other not to put each in troubles.
  12. I have only one option for all haters on Facebook, block and delete forever.
  13. I am not Drake or Lil Wayne but dirty minds still show hate on my stuffs.
  14. A smile a day keeps the haters away never let them see you sad they feel they gotcha but if you keep a smile on your face no matter what that just kills their spirit.
  15. If all of you have negative things to say, carry on consistently cussing and complaining about haters. Nobody can ever happy enough in this world.
  16. Haters gonna jealousy till your death, love is the only cure for jealousy.
  17. In a Relationship, it’s never going to be just the 2 of you.  It also includes her ex boyfriends and all little thirsty Niggas who still want her even though she’s cuffed.
  18. Ever since Apple came out with the iPhone 5 and all the info on it, I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures hating on the iPhone that aren’t even that clever. For all the iPhone and Apple haters, have fun settling for second place products.
  19. Real Nigga say the hardest word to a gangster and laying all haters down for his friend.
  20. Forever strong and respect the people that keep it real with you. We always got haters that try to overlook you by talking nonsense but they know better than to push you.
  21. Anyone who is in my haters club, go to hell!
  22. Why can’t we live life without haters..?
  23. I brought a whole new attitude, the haters are music to my ears, and I brought my dancing shoes.
  24. Big game today! It’s Time to silence all those haters out there.
  25. Doing the middle finger up to the haters! <3 LOL
  26. I don’t deal with haters because nature relieves me of that.
  27. Be glad when jealous guys talk behind your back. At least it means you’re ahead of them.

Moral: Jealousy and hate spread anger and frustration in every relation.

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