Funny Karma Quotes for Facebook

Good and bad  but funny karma quotes about love and life may bring touching feelings in your mind and your faith in fate and destination become stronger. Feel free to post these Karma quotes on Instagram photos, Twitter and on Tumblr updates but kindly do not forget to mention the actual source of your funny quotes, because all these quotes you are going to read here is a genuine work and officially produced first time on in the Facebook status blog.


Funny Karma Sayings:

If karma doesn’t kick you, let me do it for you!

Cheat your girlfriend on Facebook and she let it know from Tumblr, yes this is cyber Karma.

The Karma of cheating over a cute girl is the stupidity you end up with.

Karma never lets you lose your boyfriend in the public; it may some other girl behind the scene.

Cheat your wife on Facebook and let her cheat over you in real life because what goes around, comes back around.

The Karma of your life always follows you back and come from the front.

You cannot play Karma game anymore after drinking a sip of poison.

Women karma mostly ruined by other women around her.

There was no yesterday, there is everyday till your death.

There is no sequel in Karma surprises, its stay random in your stable life.

Karma never sleeps even when you are trying to sleep with some other’s partner.

At the end of every flop love story, Karma is always a bit…

Dear Karma you are doing nothing about my cheater boyfriend from last 2 days.

If Karma is real then let me kiss you and see what comes back.

Doesn’t matter how lucky you are, you cannot run away from government taxes.

The worst thing any girl karma could do is to dumb herself down for a guy.

Let us see karma kick you down before your girlfriends do.

Karma always plays with same rules both with smart and silly people.

You cannot survive without your fate, better you borrow it from your good deeds.

People used some stupid words with Karma always; it’s why Karma doesn’t like people back.

You need a good karma points to get a good girlfriend on the Facebook.

There is no UNDO option in Karma, so always type the correct letters.

I cannot stop here for Karma results, so please announce our breakup today.

Go Karma go, I am jobless and have nothing to do.

No Karma means there are no likes for your today status.

What is Karma? It’s a car name Fisher.

Bad karma is a symbol of your worst deeds.

Good Karma is like a super movie and bad is like a flop drama.

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