Funny & Cute Sister Quotes

These funny sister quotes, jokes and sayings are full of love and fun and if you (brother or sister) want to post these short quotes on your sweet sister Facebook wall or update your own status with these cool sister quotes then it may give a pleasant feeling to your sibling. So are you ready for some fun with your elder or little sisters?

Funny Sister sayings for Facebook:-

  1. On this birthday you get 1 year older but I am really feel sorry for no increment in your intelligence, I am sending you a book about brain training as your birthday gift.
  2. I admit I can fool any girl on the Facebook, but not my sister because she is already very fool.
  3. Never invite any angry sister to write something about you on your Facebook wall.
  4. I am looking for Captain Hook to kidnap my elder sister.
  5. I do love my sister a lot but she forces me to hate her by taking internet hours.
  6. Somebody tell me a difference between my sister in law and scary witches of Harry Potter?
  7. A sister like you can only found on Venus, yes I bet.
  8. A sister is who can easily reach to your valet and get your money with her sweet smile.
  9. Today I am feeling a freeman, the luckiest person in the world, a rocking man and more then a superman because today my sister is not at home.
  10. When I am sad, my sisters always trace the access code of my happy mood.
  11. Brothers are innocents but why sisters are secret agents of parents?
  12. I have three relations with my sister, blood relation, friendship and fake enemies.
  13. I don’t laugh on my sister jokes but I cannot stop my laugh by watching ups and downs of her silly face expressions.
  14. Cat fight is the invention of 7 sisters living in a small house ofFlorida.
  15. Do you have a headache? So you must have a sister too.
  16. My golden childhood memories are incomplete without my sister love.
  17. I don’t like to tease my sister even in angry mood; I just only break the nose of her favorite doll.
  18. The big truth about my younger sister, she cannot live without talking.
  19. The most powerful authority in our home is our sisterhood.
  20. Sometimes your sister knows more then you about good and bad things inside you.
  21. Tom is a bad boss in my office but at home I have sweet little boss, my sister Tina.
  22. I can share every thing to my sister but I cannot afford the risk of telling her the name of my new girlfriend.
  23. Beware of angry sisters when you are talking to your girlfriend on phone.
  24. My sister and tension always come together.
  25. My new Facebook relationship status: A pity brother of two horrible sisters :-(
  26. Nice sisters are so common but intelligent sisters are very rare.

Love sister poem:

My childhood,

My little happiness

My secrets

My little fun fights

My laugh and tears

And I myself is incomplete

Without my loving and caring sister!


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