Funny Status Ideas for Facebook

Facebook status ideas are one of the most popular series of our blog and we got a lot of appreciation and more demand for some new ideas for FB status. A few days ago we posted a long list of LMS ideas for FB and we also getting top 10 rating for that post from our every blog visitor, hope this list of funny LMS ideas will also please you in a great fun.

LMS if you have the following qualities:

You don’t like liars around you

You never hurt anyone in your life

You always stand for right

You have a broad vision about humanity

You feel I am your best friend on the Facebook

Put a check only one quality at a time and repost this status with your like in the comments below.

Funny status questions:-

Write down the true story of your first breakup, I will give you 10/10 marks if I like your story.

Write down the name of your favorite animal starting with first letter of your name.

Why you are on the Facebook? Describe in one word only.

Do you ever fart in your classroom and pretend it as you don’t know who did it?

Write down the name of your most hated person.

Describe in one word, why do you hate Justin Bieber?

Do you ever dream about me, if yes then tell me your dream here.

Make a guess about the length of elephant tail.

What is the most dirty word in your mind dictionary?

Would you like a date with me instead of going on honeymoon with your wife?

What is the exact size of your belly button? Kindly write down in centimeters.

What if someone hack your Facebook id tonight? What will be your reaction?

Let suppose you got a heart attack, now what is your last wish?

Everyone is living in this world with some fanaticizes, what is your favorite fantasy?

Write down the first word, you first time write on your school notebook.

Would you like to be aHollywoodsuperstar? If yes then what will be your favorite role?

If you owned this Facebook someday then write the name of Facebook users, you want to delete or banned permanently.

What is the condition when you try to ignore hateful attitude of people?

What is the most awkward moment of you in this month/

Do you remember any cartoon character whenever you see yourself in a mirror?

Do you ever get slap from a girl in your life?

Choose only one word from you (funny, silly, irritated, stupid, scary, and crazy)

How much do you have right now in your pocket?

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