Funny Stop Bullying Quotes

Anti bullying quotes and saying in a funny sense is the best idea to promote “Stop Bullying” public messages on your Facebook status updates. It is a true fact that every second boy and girl faces bullying during her studies in school and every 5th job holder also become the target of mean coworkers in the office or workplace. There are several anti bullying saying and short quotes of famous celebrities and wise old people, we simply collected here most funniest stop bullying quotes for our blog fans.

Anti Bullying sayings:-

Bullies are active members of devil gang.

Wise people do not mind on barking dogs.

Bullying is a game of some endangered species and a noble person never take interest ib such a games.

Bully creates troubles and strong help others.

Evil fellows in school won’t be entertained until they’ve pushed you down in public. Your duty is to face the situation with courage and to stand on the same public place with all your power.

Being a bully is worst then being a stupid.

Teasing someone for his/her race or religion cannot be a human behavior.

Don’t hurt someone with your words.

Being a best person in society is bit difficult job but being a bully is the easiest task for mean people.

Bullying can take birth only in the mind of a mean person.

Only Satan allows you to assault people verbally and physically.

I like bullies when they laugh on me with a fire of jealousy on their faces.

Some people cannot stay happy about things what you’re doing.

Anti Bully Slogans:-

You can use your hands and kicks too to train barking dogs.

Take an action before someone takes an action on you.

Bullying? Not a smart idea.

Change your way to avoid bullies or change bully face by applying your punch.

Bullies are parasites living on the fire of jealousy.

This school is 100% bully free.

Bullies are not allowed to park here.

Warning: Bulling is dangerous to your health.

Do not play bullying here.

We do not accept dumps and bullies here.

There is nobody here to welcome a bully face.

Bullying is a symbol of coward-ness.

Cyber bullying warnings:

Bullies are not allowed to comment on our blog.

Participate in mean activities and we will be happy to fire you from your job.

Drinking and bullying are not allowed in this park.

Bullies are not allowed to follow me on Twitter.

There is no space for bullies on MySpace.

The book Facebook is restricted for bullies.

Before post the comments on this post, kindly prove that you are not a bully at school or workplace.

Attention: Enter into the site if you are not a bully.

Like my Facebook status if you are not a bully.

LMS if you are a supporter of anti-bulling activities.

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