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In Summer Facebook statuses are all derived from lovely summer quotes and sayings but 50% of FB users like to post something funny in summer days too, so on this page we are going to present latest summer Facebook status ideas that you may never heard before. So you will be the first person on the world biggest social site who will post these brand new summer saying on his/her status bar, so if you really want the first position in posting these quotes then do not waste your time any more and paste your favorite summer status on your Timeline cover and start receiving a lot of likes. By sharing these hilarious quotes with your friends you will definitely get a lot of funny comments, this is the best LMS idea of the day.

Summer Facebook statuses:-

On my summer vacations, wearing jeans and a hat, something not rights… its freaking cold inAlaska.

Its summer, so what the hell I am doing on Facebook? All girls are waiting for me on the beach.

Summer… time to eat water melons, get addicted to action movies, made fun with ex girlfriends from anonymous cell numbers and lie in bed until midday, sounds good to me.

Girls become shameless in summer, you can get proof onCaliforniabeach.

Summer hugs so far…

On the first day of summer, please do not show me your face.

Let’s go for a bath in natural dress in the town river.

Black glasses with white hat are my summer status.

Even silly guys can also cross the limits of stupid ness in these vacations.

Bad girls, crazy girls, mad girls, all are welcome in this summer.

In every summer vacations I must got scandal with the most beautiful girl of my town.

Yeah I am the victim of summer madness.

People said sun makes day brighter in summer but for me its long holidays from our school which make my days brighter.

I can easily ruin your summer holidays, guess how? By posting Justin Bieber quotes from songs on my Facebook status.

I am so hot for her but she is so cold, yes I am an angry Japanese volcano.

Long night parties in summer really rocks when I got a lot of wallets and cell phones of drunken people.

I know what you did last summer? You pooped in Sam kitchen, right?

It is the first full day of summer vacation for the boys and they are spending it in style…in their underwear. Who needs clothes when school is over?

Every day is happy and every night is romantic in this summer.


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