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We bring funny tweet ideas to post on this page because a lot of our fans requested us to also post something funny about Twitter, there is no doubt that after Facebook the is the second biggest social networking site in the world. Many internet users retweet funny quotes from on their Twitter page and we appreciate all of our fans for supporting us by like and share our funny Facebook statuses.

The following funny sayings are not quotes or jokes but funny statements that you can post on your Twitter id and make fun on your page. These statements are also inspired from famous celebrities who posted nonsense and somewhat stupid tweets about their daily life routine.

Funny Tweet ideas:-

My bicycle is puncture so I may get late for tonight Twitter show.

Any idea, how can I ruin my social life?

Nothing is possible until I delete my Facebook account.

I don’t believe in love but I don’t like to miss love scenes inHollywoodmovies.

I am searching for a second-hand Twitter account.

Do not send me any private message at the moment, I am in toilet.

I am learning black magic from my girlfriend; you can see my Titter background is also black.

Laughing is good for your heart condition, buy new laughing pills from here.

A girl can handle 9 men at a time but 9 men cannot handle a single girl in any time.

I am single but like to sleep on double bed.


Funny Justin Bieber Tweets:-

I am not a girl, you can ask my girlfriend.

Singing in bathroom is not my hobby any more.

Yes my mother allows me to go for a dance party this weekend.

I just start following Selena Gomez on Twitter; yes it is a breakup sign.

My math teachers always hated me, may be they love famous singer JB.

Black color is my favorite, my eyes are also black and I wear black sun glasses.

I have no idea for my show inAlaska; I cannot take a frozen tea there


Wiz Khalifa funny quotes on Twitter:-

Who the hell is this Real Wiz Khalifa on the Twitter?

Russian are not gangsters, they are my friends.

People should ban their kids to watch fake advertisements about my concerts.

I am going toNorway, hope I find no way there.

Yes spending nights inLondonis a real stupid fun.

I am a hard working guy who singing lazy tones all the time.

In 2013 I will definitely launch my rocket on the planet Facebook.

Nobody like my songs means there is anybody living on this earth.

Girls like my tattoo quotes but they cannot afford the bad odor from my armpits.

Seven years ago, I was slipped in my toilet.

Dance inFranceis not my job.

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