Good LMS Ideas for FB

Like my status ideas for Facebook are already posted several times on our blog but this time we are going to share some very cool LMS ideas for our blog fans to get maximum likes and interesting chain of comments.


What do you like?

You like a ___ from me.

[] A Kiss

[] A promise

[] A gift

[] A surprise

[] A date

[] No want me any more?


Choose your real Birthday date and know the perfect matching word for you:-
1- Spiderman
2- Monkey
3- Slap
4- Mother
5- Grand father
6- Chocolate
7- Scary
8- Alien
9- Lemon
10- Zombie
11- Angry Bird
12- Superman
13- Model
14- Justin Bieber
15- Facebook
16- Moon
17- Mars
18- Mule
19- an orange
20- Ex-girlfriend
21- Stupid
22- France
23- Lady  boss
24- Match box
25- Diamond
26- Fat lady
27- Wise
28- Bookworm
29- Disaster
30- Pity


LMS, your guess about me on Facebook:-

[] I am a joker

[] An intelligent person

[] A pregnant lady passing time on the Facebook

[] An old man with a DP of a young boy

[] Lazy

[] Handsome

[] Mad

[] So unique

[] Ordinary guy

[] A superstar

[] A model


If you return back to your childhood then what 7 people in your circle? Rearrange the following persons according to your top priority:-

  1. Your cousin
  2. Most intelligent kid of your street
  3. Your sibling
  4. Your pet
  5. Favorite class teacher
  6. Fantasy toy
  7. Me


Most funny LMS idea for your boyfriend:-

[] what are the numbers of your ex-girlfriends?

[] What is my name on your cell phone?

[] What you don’t like about me?

[] What is your favorite thing about me?

[] Express your love feeling only in one word.

[] What was my first impression on you?

[] Do you ever think about our breakup?

[] Do you ever think about our honeymoon?

[] What color of dress I worn on our first date?

[] Can you dare to repost this status with your answers on your own FB wall?


LMS with (y) or (N), if we walk together on a beach, you would:

[] Feel shy

[] Nervous

[] Bold

[] Sexy

[] Cute

[] Smart

[] Over smart

[] Dare to kiss me

[] Make some promise

[] Try to impress me

[] Offer me for a candle light dinner

[] Push me on the soft sand

[] Invite me for a sea bath


What are my best features?

[] My way of talking

[] My walking style

[] My dressing choice

[] My smile

[] My eyes

[] My height

[] My overall body


My report card is in your hands check on the following checkboxes for a short LMS idea:-

Sense of humor = [] A [] B [] C [] D [] F

Trust on me = [] Yes [] N [] don’t know [] Trying to trust [] Never ever

My fashion = [] A [] B [] C [] D [] F

How much you trust on me= [] A [] B [] C [] D [] F

You feel me close to your heart = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe [] or [] Already did

Hangout = [] Yes [] No [] Maybe

We can be lover = [] Yes [] No []

Dreams about me: [] Yes [] No [] or [] just a little

Will you repost this on your wall? = [] Yes [] No


What is your favorite color…?

White: Peace
Blue: Easy

Black: Lost vision
Pink: Jolly

Golden: Superior
brown: Not easy

Purple: Friendship
yellow: Feeling good

Sepia: Don’t like boys
orange: Foolish

Multicolor: Clever
Rainbow: Freedom


LMS ideas: What do you think about me?

[] A friend

[] A good friend

[] A best friend

[] Boyfriend/girlfriend

[] A social friend

[] Worst friend

[] Not a friend at all


Short to do LMS idea:

If you think we are in love… Say it on your Facebook wall

If you are missing me… send me a text message on my mobile right now

If you need me… Send me a red rose today

If you want a date with me… send me a private message

If you think w are over… say me get out on my wall


If you have any other interesting or funny but short LMS ideas in your mind then you can share your unique ideas here with us and let the guys and girls make some more fun by using your Status idea on their Facebook Timeline and profiles.

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