Happy Anniversary Quotes

Lovely happy anniversary day quotes, saying and romantic poems for all lovely couples who want to spend their wedding anniversary under the shower of love and blessings.

Happy Anniversary sayings:-

Kindly receive my best wishes on this anniversary day; these special wishes are for a special couple who is spending their entire life beautifully with a wonderful mutual understanding.

May this very special day of your life bring more attachment and trust in your entire relation.

You are an extra ordinary married couple who celebrate their everyday like an anniversary day.

I wish you a happy anniversary day from the core of my heart for crore times.

I am returning your wedding card on this happiest day of your life, this card may remind you some sweet promises you made on your wedding night.

Anniversary day is strange day which flash back sweet memories from your past and bring pleasant hopes for your lovely future.

There must be a noble prize for you because you spend every day of your married like an anniversary day.

New commitments, new wishes and happiness like a first love all come together on this day.

Life is a puzzle and only you are my reward.

Every time I hold your hands there blow a cool breeze in my heart.

This day remind me our honeymoon more then our wedding day, do you have my point?

We are inviting every person from the planet Facebook to join our wedding ceremony tonight.

Happy Anniversary day poems:

Love you forever

Love me forever

We will die

Love remains for ever

We are so lucky

We are so prided

We are so blessed

We are so one

Anniversary is any ordinary day

You make it special

Without you

No day, no me

There must be a rain

Rain of love

On this lovely couple

To grow more love

To see more anniversaries

Ten years ago

We get the happiest day of our life

We are so lucky because

We are still enjoying it

Lovely wedding anniversary quotes:-

Let me design a precious anniversary card on the stage of my heart and decorate it with our sweet memories of our honeymoon.

My romance level is always on the peak to give you a lovely gift of 1000 hugs on our anniversary day.

Anniversary day is invented by love to bring more love between a husband and wife.

I think this day is the best refreshment day we got only once in a year.

Thank you my wife because without you there cannot be any concept of anniversary day in my life.

Yes I am the luckiest girl on the earth because only I have a wonderful hubby like you.

Love is the only common property all human beings.

I just purchase a brand new knife today to kill all misunderstandings and confusions between us by cutting our anniversary cake tonight.

I life was any empty book before you, your entrance write lovely poems on every page of my life.

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