Duck Dynasty Hilarious Quotes

Duck Dynasty quotes are virally spread by Uncle Si and Jase fans on the Tumblr and Facebook statuses. Try to stop your laugh by reading these funny quotes.  A new show on A&E called Duck Dynasty. I nearly wet myself laughing. I know people just like that back home. Who needs HS reunions when you have Duck Dynasty? I so enjoy watching duck dynasty lol it’s an epic show! I don’t think I could live without it. It gives you a good laugh when you need it but it’s an all around epic show!

Duck Dynasty Funny Quotes:

Help I fall and I dropped my tea!

I had a blast last night. Our duck dynasty crew killed it in Columbia.

I had a big beard, lifted truck and wore fur coats long before duck dynasty ever made it cool!!! I guess you can say I was a redneck, when redneck wasn’t cool.

Omg! They have a Chia pet that is Willie from duck dynasty, the CEO guy. He grows his beard! I want it!

Anthony found out duck dynasty is across the street at Walmart. He just called his uncle Dale for a getaway car. He is trying to get away from here so please no one offer him a ride. Now he wants me to go across the street and hold up a big sign saying my son is hurt can you come and see him. Maybe Jase will do it lol.

As I was sitting there waiting for my plane they cancel the flight to New York due to equipment issues. They also had to reclaim their luggage.

The problem with that is half the women in this world can’t cook and they wonder why they can’t steal a man’s heart.

If only I was in Dallas TX, I could go to Walmart and get my book signed by the Duck Dynasty crew! Too funny, I guess there really isn’t a more appropriate location for those boys to host such an event!

If James and I have a boy, he wants to name it after the dude on duck dynasty.

You guys are like duck dynasty in real life. You have the beards, the ducks, and the dynasty.

I’ve come to the realization that you can learn a lot from duck dynasty, especially a lot of great life lessons.

My girlfriend just told I sound like Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty!

Duck Dynasty is my new show but how did these top looking rednecks get normal looking wives?

I am no longer part of the bearded duck dynasty club, I shaved it all off.

My wife ceaseless absurdity never disappointed me.

Not a brain freeze, a brain sneeze! Your brain wants to sneeze but it can’t, that’s why it hurts.

Look at this dude looking like he wanted to hunt me.

It has come to my attention that there may be a better parenting show out there. The truth is “Duck Dynasty” is the best parenting show, so you with kids need to watch weekly.

Okay, Duck Dynasty is hilarious!! Jase and 3 guys sunk the boat!

Come home yesterday to a husband who has shaved his beard! No more Duck Dynasty man! He is very sneaky!

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