Hilarious Quotes about Women

Women occupies a 65% of all world population and 70% of Facebook users are also females, still the most searching celebrity on the Internet is always a woman. Men are becoming rare in this world so they just spread some funny lines about women on the social networks and we collect all their funny sayings about girls here, this will show you the level of their real frustration about opposite gender.

Funny quotes about women for FB status:-

There are 2 things that every girl on the Facebook must do, first is using some song lyrics for her FB status and secondly post her feet photo in the photo gallery.

A girl cannot live on the Facebook without attracting guys.

About 70% females on Facebook must appeal you by saying “I never fall in love in my whole life”

Some guys pretend as a girl on FB but why they avid other guys then?

It is very difficult for a woman to find a gentle, noble and loving guy because most of them are already the boyfriends of their best friends.

Mother’s day is just for mothers, why other women are so happy on this day?

Wise girls do not post their own photos on Timeline, crazy girls post their original photos and some mad girls post their feet photos to display on their profiles.

I never understand a strange mentality of women that why they are praising about their husbands only on the Facebook?

I got total 17 girlfriends on Facebook and all are behaving like my boss.

A recent poll inMarylandhigh school shows that 80 percent guys love to play Skyrim in their free time and only 20 percent duffers like to date with their girlfriends in free time.

Old males mostly shake their heads in right and left but why old ladies shake their heads in up and down?

You must hate dating in front of a beautiful girl to make her mind for a date for you.

Never mind  if a girl say something bad on your timeline, you post something double bad on her Timeline and then you will definitely get some cool messages from her.

In movies every male villain has a beautiful girlfriend but why female villains don’t have a good looking boyfriend?

If you are facing some troubles in checking your money in the purse at night then don’t worry, just ask your wife and she will tell you the accurate amount in your purse, because a woman can see money even in dark nights.

If you friendship with two girls at a time, most probably you will lose them both.

The awkward moment for a girl, when she is complaining about her roommate and her boyfriend start taking interest in the roommate.

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