I Love You Quotes for Him

I love you quotes and saying for her or him definitely bring some charming feelings in the mind of your lover and it is also proved that the exchange of romantic dialogues with your beloved one give strength to your relationship.

I love you quotes for him:-

My heart cannot away from my soul and same my hands cannot leave your hands and I cannot stop my self to sing a song that I love you.

From the core of my heart there is only one voice, I love you.

I don’t know what boyfriend means but I know only one thing that you are the first and will be the last who hear “I love you” from me.

There is nothing between us but a chain of three words, I love you.

For him my love is the most minor gift in my heart.

Before I know him the love was nothing but a joke for me.

Without him all love songs in this world are useless.

I love you more and more and these emotions for your love in my heart may blast my heart one day.

The most favorite thing for my heart is you, I love you.

Say something cool about my hot passion of love for you.

Just like my Facebook status and write yes in comments if you really love me.

I cannot delete your love from the hard disk of my heart; even my death also cannot format your sweet memories from my mind.

Finally you are the champion of my love race.

There is only one dream in my eyes, you belong to me.

Haiku Love poems:-

I enjoy this life

Because you are mine

I want nothing else

Look at the moon

It was not beautiful at all

Until we met

For your love

I sacrifice

I am suffering

Dreaming about you

Without you

Where are you

My first love

With my first friend

My love is complete

This life is not enough

Three words are not enough

I love you my love

I always will

I always have

Nothing but your love

One true love

In one life

That all what I want

True love quotes for boyfriend:-

There is no equipment is invented yet to measure my love for you.

Let’s make a deal, stay with me and let me love you day and night.

Yesterday you were my friend, today we are best friends and tomorrow? Will you be my boyfriend?

Do you see cute little bees hovering over red roses? My love for you will be always hovering over your heart.

Twilight is nothing but a short time between our dating.

From nature I learn a lesson, I love you.

My heart beat is giving you a message; I will be yours for ever.

My love is not rated yet, say you love me and win me whole.

There is a pain in my heart and the cure is the rain of your love over it.

Do you feel my love is waning? Yes it is a joke.

The first day of this summer is not hot, your love showering a cool breeze over me.

Love is not a valley of sorrow but may be without you this quote become true.

With you this blue sea cannot make me blue.

I am not afraid of death but I cannot afford you break my heart.

I have only one hobby, love you, love you and love you.

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