Insulting Quotes for Facebook

Using insulting quotes on your Facebook status or on Timeline cover can put a negative impression on your personality but sometimes we faced some horrible situations and it become necessary to use some harsh wording or adopt little bit insulting attitude toward some creepy persons who wants to attach with you like a gum. So if you are also facing such troubles on your Facebook account and now you want to get rid of unwanted friends from Facebook then you can update your FB status with following insulting quotes.

These are double meaning quotes and sayings, mean you can indirectly point out your target person without mention his/her name on your status and definitely by reading these funny comments about herself on your status, she will stop following and bothering you.

Insult quotes for boys and girls:-

Like my thoughts and get a reward of crown on your head or disagree with me and get a shoe reward on your back, the choice is yours.

Are you human are just wearing a mask of a beautiful girl?

I am ignoring weird guys but the shameless guys are still chasing me.

Yes I like sweet guys, but who are you?

When ever I need your precious advice, I will call you on a special dinner party but I don’t like the people are showering their opinions without asking.

You are not a superman but yes you can make a comparison with his underwear if you wish.

Your mother should be very prideful on dumb production.

Sorry I cannot make a difference between an idiot and you.

Hitler was rude but you are one step ahead then him.

I think your father give you the most insulting name in the world.

I bet Miley Cyrus is less idiot then you.

Congrats you just win a life achievement stupidity award.

If there held a most nonsense guy poll on the Facebook, nobody can stop you to win.

We all of your friends are in doubt about your real father?

There must be a book on Tyga quotes only about you.

There are million of users on Facebook, why you selected me for a friendship?

No one can dare to cheat on you because nobody want a greedy face like you.

Girls are very sensitive, I agree but your look does not match with females.

I think you need a rest break so what about a coma adventure for one month?

There is only one person Wiz Khalifa who can better answer your super ideas.

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