Like My Status and I Will

Like my status and I’ll LMS ideas for Facebook statuses are now becoming a popular fun game on Walls and Timeline. Most of the girls and guys like to invite their friends for interesting quizzes on Facebook survey notes and engage maximum people in funny surveys. Creating an interesting survey not or a quiz is a bit difficult job, so most of the Facebook users only like to invent crazy ideas for LMS to engage users on their wall.

Now let us teach you some cool tricks to enforce FB users like your status with these latest (like my status ideas) LMS statuses.

Like this status and I will…

  1. Love you
  2. Mail you a beautiful card on your birthday
  3. Never let you down
  4. Share a magic trick with you
  5. Arrange a get together party for you
  6. Send you a love good night text
  7. Rate your sense of humor from 0-10
  8. Tell you today horoscope
  9. Give you a coupon code for grocery items
  10. Tell you a secret about your boyfriend/girlfriend
  11. Send you a romantic good morning SMS
  12. Make a Jello shot of you and your friends
  13. Share my belly dance Youtube video link with you
  14. Tell you the name of 7 best reading books
  15. Invite you to a dinner party
  16. Suggest a better hairstyle for you
  17. Gift you a summer T-shirt
  18. Help you to complete school notes
  19. Dedicate a romantic song to you
  20. Call you from my cell phone
  21. Send you 10 funny texts
  22. Wish you New Year with a precious gift
  23. Never break up with you
  24. Admit you as my best friend
  25. Watch a scary movie with you
  26. Tell you what type of Pokemon are you
  27. Follow you on your Twitter Reblog your every Tumblr post
  28. Play an online video game challenge with you
  29. Scratch a free mobile card for you
  30. Force my all friends to like your status too
  31. Stand on one leg for 3 minutes for you
  32. Offer you a pizza in best Italian restaurant
  33. Give you a hint about my Facebook password
  34. Transfer 1 dollar in your Paypal account

Long LMS statuses

Above you got one liner short LMS status ideas now if you are interested in long status ideas than you may like the following.

LMS For – cell phone brands you have:

[] iPhone

[] Samsung

[] Nokia

[] HTC

[] Blackberry

[] Android Smartphone

[] Motorola

[] Palm

[] T-Mobile

[] Sony Ericsson

[] Pantech

[] Vodafone

[] Siemens

[] Alcatel

[] NEC

[] O2

[] Philips

[] Thuraya


LMS for an Answer!

I want to ____?

[] fire you

[] see you in troubles

[] love you

[] invite you for a date

[] make a sketch of you

[] Makeup your face

[] Text you

[] Dance with you

[] make fun with you

[] forget you

[] 1st person to like this status

[] see you in my dreams

[] live long with you


LMS For – most liked status:

[] Song lyrics

[] Personal stories

[] News headlines

[] Good morning status

[] Good night status

[] Good evening stats

[] Afternoon status

[] Boring work story

[] Frustrated messages

[] Phrases on love

[] Funny questions

[] Life quotes

[] Amazing facts

[] Weird jokes

[] Videos

[] Instagram photos

[] Own photos

[] I don’t like your statuses at all


Note: Now buddies its time to share, have fun!

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