Love Good Morning Poems for Facebook Status

Romantic good morning poetry is a best gift for lovers to wish a good morning to their beloved ones in a special way. In this post we are giving a tribute to all poetry lovers who want to wish good morning in a poetic way. We also included some lovely haiku poems on this page for haiku lovers, hope you like our efforts and your friends following you on Facebook will also give you a lot of likes by reading these awesome morning poems.

Lovely Good morning poetry for FB statuses:-

All colors of from this universe

All flowers from these colors

All scents from these flowers

All joy from these scents

Every moment of this joy

My specials pray in this moment wishing you a happy good morning.

Every morning

Lovely birds’ sons remind me the music of you bangles

Shining sun reminds me the brightness of your beautiful white teeth’s

Trees shadow in my garden reminds me the shadow of your long black hair

Every morning I miss you too much.

All the night

I prepared a lot of poems for you

To send you a warm morning greeting

I prepared and erased all the poems

To empty my mind so that I catch you in my dreams

Your smile is the password of my life

I cannot start my day

Until you send me your smile

To activate my day

The sun is going sharper

The moon is getting dim

Accept my warm morning wishes

To bring coolness in your day

I am a fortune teller

Insert your zodiac sign in blank space…

I will tell you today horoscope


Believe me it cannot be more beautiful then your lovely face

Every morning my radio “Shouted “

Good morning “America”

And my heart Start “Crying”

Some time there comes strange feelings in my mind

How did I spend a lot of morning without you?

There is no joy in the morning


Friends are angry

Heart is broken

Love left you


You want a dark night for the rest of your life

Love is for life

Life is not for love

Morning is for me

But you are not for me

Hope you like this combination of romantic and sad poems for your Facebook status or Timeline cover quotes.

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