New Facebook LMS Games

Latest Facebook LMS games ideas with brackets for your funny and clever FB statuses.

Like my status if you never ever:

[ ] Bunk in school

[ ] Slap your best friend

[ ] Cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend

[ ] Backbiting of your friends

[ ] Tease a girl/boy in some public place

[ ] Cheating in exams

[ ] Online or Facebook bullying

[ ] Think negative about me


What will be the future of our relationship?

[] Good buddies

[] Become life partners

[] Get engages

[] Start dating

[] Lose our friendship


What is the validity of our relation?

[] few week(s)

[] few month(s)

[] few year(s)

[] Till we die

[] Life time

[] Never expire

[] Its something else


Like: What is your opinion about my FB Timeline cover?

[] Attractive

[] Beautiful

[] ugly

[] Disgusting

[] Weird

[] Innovative

[] Appealing

[] So boring

[] Creepy

[] Never noticed


LMS: How Often Do You Eat Fast Food?

() Daily

() Once a month or less

() 2 to 3 times a month

() Only at gathering

() Once in a week

() Rare chances

() Twice in a week

() More then once in a week

() Never


How I look like?

A president

A flirty guy

A business man

A hero

A cowboy

A gangster

A smuggler

A barber

A superhero

A Spiderman

A Batman

A joker

No comparison at all?


Do You Believe In?

[] Fate

[] Spirituality

[] Black Magic

[] Day of Judgment


How I look like after 20 years?

[] A retired clerk

[] Stupid old lady

[] Quarrelsome neighbor

[] Decent

[] Gentleman

[] Mature guy


New Chain game for Facebook status likes:

  1. Like my status if you did you breakfast.
  2. Like this and I’ll tell what you look like after 10 years.
  3. Like this and I’ll tell you what will be your next job.
  4. LMS and I will refer 3 friends to like your status.
  5. Like my FB status and I will answer your personal question.
  6. Like this status and I will tell you why you getting like on your status.
  7. LMS and I will tell you my secret.
  8. Like this status and I will tell you about your worst enemy around you.
  9. Like this Facebook status and I will tell you the name of your fake friend.
  10. LMS and I will post a wonderful quote on your Timeline
  11. Like this status and I’ll rate about your personality.
  12. Like this FB status and I’ll tell you about your ego level.
  13. LMS and win a giveaway deal.
  14. Like this status and I’ll tell you the future of your relationship with you guy/gal.
  15. Like my new status and I’ll tell you what people think about your character?


Like this status and discover meanings for each letter of your name, like;

M- Memorable

I- Intelligent

K- Kasper

E- Ego


LMS: What song force you think about me?

[] Way to Blue (Nick Drake)

[] Autumn inNew York(Billie Holiday)

[] Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)

[] What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

[] Super Bass (Nicki Minaj)

[] True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)

[] We Found Love (Rihanna)

[] Thank You (Led Zeppelin)

[] I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash)

[] Dust in the Wind (Kansas)

A Beautiful Morning (The Rascals)


Like: What movie would you like to watch with me in theater?

[] Titanic

[] Avatar

[] Twilight

[] Dark Night

[] Scary Movie

[] Reject my offer


Like: What are you most afraid of?

[] Loneliness

[] Dentist

[] Height

[] Water flow, sea, river, etc

[] Spider

[] Mouse

[] Fire or firework

[] Your own imaginations

[] Love

[] Breakup

[] Death

[] Who cares, I am not afraid of anything.


Like status: Who’s the Hottest Guy on Internet?

[] Justin Bieber

[] Zayn Malik

[] Harry Styles

[] Robert Pattinson

[] Johnny Depp

[] Tom Cruise

[] Brad Pit

[] Chris Hemsworth

[] Salman Khan

[] Andrew Garfield

[] Sharukh Khan

[] None of the above


LMS idea: Your favorite music is always…

() Rock

() Metal

() Jazz

() Blues

() Bhangra

() Gospel

() Arabic

() Persian

() Western

() Hindi

() Classical

() Punk


Like my status: Why you are using Facebook?

() For time pass only

() I have nothing to do else

() To make new friends

() Keep in contact with my old fellows

() Why should I tell you

() I don’t know why

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