Paul Ryan Stupid Quotes

Paul Ryan stupid quotes and funny sayings are circulating on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter but most of these quotes are not originally made by him. In fact most of these crazy jokes are never told by Paul Ryan anyway, some of his haters edit his statements and make fun of them on all social networks including Facebook.

We believe that Paul Ryan is an amazing guy and he has a lot of qualities but nobody can stop his haters as well, so let’s enjoy some of fake but funny Paul Ryan quotes. Also keep in mind that most none of these quotes are actually saying by Paul Ryan, but these are funny quotes about Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan funny quotes:

  1. Paul Ryan isn’t stupid, but he must be an evil genius.
  2. Romney and Ryan start working on their new plan of redistribution of income by exchanging their pocket money.
  3. Doesn’t matter how clever you are but you cannot defeat Paul Ryan in parish priest crossword puzzle game.
  4. In case Obama reelect, Ryan will investigate his wife vote first.
  5. A new election survey in America shows that Ryan wife will vote for Obama.
  6. Ryan does believe that Twitter and Facebook are the best media malpractices for his new campaign and he may elect as a vice president from Facebook.
  7. Kim Kardashian is another celebrity who assaults on Ryan’s Medicare plan.
  8. Every member of Facebook community knows that his/her achievement depends on the success of the Democratic Party.
  9. Congress can only defeat Mitt Romney in their tea parties.
  10. The new health care bill is a flop idea, look today I got bitten by 3 mosquitoes.
  11. America war on terror and drugs cannot go together under the supervision of fake super hero Obama.
  12. Hiding wives does not reduce the divorce rate in congress.
  13. Mitt Romney can establish United States by pushing back his old boy from the politics.
  14. So do you think, you can ruin America without me?
  15. ABC and Fox news directors are jealous from my personality so they are spreading wrong propaganda on their TV channels.
  16. Paul Ryan Facebook status: Stop me if you can…
  17. Romney believes in America but America is still not ready to believe on Romney.
  18. What is the big problem of Ryan? Obama lessons about new America!
  19. A few years ago I was a rubbish teenager but time changes me a lot, look at my new wrist watch.
  20. I am unpredictable so why you are sure about my victory?
  21. The White House Insider is not my agent; I have never tweet on his Twitter account.
  22. Do you read my Instagram bio? It fake even Wikipedia cannot describe my full biography.
  23. China can overtake America any time if we do not stop buying their under garments.
  24. In America 99% jobholders hate Monday, let me come in government and I will give you a new Monday free America.

Cast your vote for Paul Ryan at your own risk.

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