Ramadan Facebook Statuses

Ramadan is the Holy month of Muslims and it is also the most peaceful month of Islamic calendar. This is also the most awaited month for all Muslims in the world, they do fasting from early in the morning to sun set, this time is estimated about 10 to 12 hours daily and a person with fast is not allowed to eat or drink anything at all. A person with a fast must offer his payers 5 times in a day, must avoid all kind of fights, speaking or listening bad words, seeing or doing bad things, etc. These things are already very important in Islam but the Holy month of Ramadan everyone try to follow these good things.

Facebook is a worldwide community and it is also joined by millions of Muslims from all over the world, in Ramadan Mubarak you can update your Facebook status with lovely Ramadan greetings.

Ramadan Quotes for Facebook status:-

Fasting during Ramadan is much better then thousands of tasty foods.

The tastiest breakfast of life is Sehri meal in Ramadan.

The most delicious dinner is indeed an Iftar meal.

Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters on the Facebook.

My Ramzan is incomplete with Arabic dates, what about you?

I am stay away for Iftar meal.

Let me say you happy Eid in advance, I am the first person who wish you Eid greetings 7 days ago.

May Almighty fulfill all your prayers in this Holy month of Ramadan; also remember me in your prayers.

A special request to all: Please remember me in your prayers.

Ramadan is the best month for practicing good things and quit all bad habits.

Who want an Iftar party here?

My favorite Iftar recipe is (name your favorite foods here).

Please do not upload any offensive photos or quotes during Ramadan.

I am sorry to all my friends, if I hurt you ever; hope you will forgive me in this Holy month.

I am in peace.

I can feel my soul in this month, do you feel the same?

Let’s update our Timeline with Ramadan Facebook covers.

I love the thirst in fasting.

Stay in peace and efforts for peace.

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