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Welcome to very funny status updates for Facebook page here, this is the page where you get top most funny FB status ideas. Do you ever think why we need these funny quotes or messages for our status update on social networking sites including your favorite Facebook and rapidly growing Google Plus? The answer is not difficult at all, because we need to give a few moments of fun and entertainment to our friends who are following us on these social sites.

We have dozens of other funny status posts on this blog and obviously you like our previous efforts a lot, on this time we will also try our best to give you latest funny stuff.

Very funny status updates for Facebook status:-

Mind your own business; I do not join Facebook to share my stupid problems with you.

I feel proud to say that I am not American idol but yes I am Facebook idol.

My advice for you, better you leave Facebook before you get ban for your stupid link posting on my Timeline.

I just hate spammers on Facebook, who posted beautiful girls pictures with some boring product back links.

I am coming to visit your Facebook Timeline so look busy.

I am going to toilet to answer your stupid questions because my commode seat always gives me sharp ideas.

Today I am going to visit Kentucky Derby as a special guess.

Do you miss the super moon scene? No problem, you can still have a look at my dashing profile photo.

Do you knocked before visiting my FB profile?

I like mystery stories of Kim Kardashian.

I am a big fan of Snooki outfits.

Nothing is better then an empty Facebook Timeline page.

Ordinary guys like to search girls on Facebook on their ex girlfriends name3but smart guys already pick up ex girlfriends of these dump guys.

I don’t have any right to call you stupid, because you already knew it.

A public notice on a close layer office; we are processing your divorce request, it may take 2 more days.

Rihanna songs always remind me my noisy bicycle.

I bet it is Justin Bieber or Chuck Norris who tested all pet products before launching into the market.

Why all Walmart stores are build on grounds?

BBC just broadcast news of seeing ghosts on Facebook, do you see any?

You have to post 100 funny Facebook statuses before you die, it is a challenge for you.

I am a Nightrider ofFacebook Street.

I like Google Earth but there must be a Google Facebook software to anonyms watch Facebook user’s activities.

I am looking for a Facebook status generator to drop your name there.

I cannot use Facebook during school, I really sorry you missed my abusive lecture.

You cannot post Batman posters on your Timeline cover without my permission, because I hold the rights of my hidden personality.

My today Facebook status; just control your farts during public parties.

Never try to control your laugh and a fart together, you may get a heart attack in reaction.

Nostradamus predicted about Facebook one month before his death and he also wished that he could friendship with me.

Last night I searched for match box whole the night to burn out all of your love letters but I failed in the search at last I blow off my room candle and get asleep.

Why I get a sign-in message on my Facebook login page, what the hell is this, is it their new policy?

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