Sad Love Quotes for Facebook

Sad love sayings and quotes is the best way to express the true feelings of a betrayed or broken heart. If you also buried some sorrow in the core of your heart then you must try to bring out your sadness and sorrow by sharing your feelings with your close friend, this way you will feel little peace in side your heart and soul as well.

These sad Facebook statuses is a special gift for all our blog fans who are feeling sad today and want to express their mood on their FB Timeline or in status update. These sad quotes will make you cry or bring tears in your eyes so better you leave this page if you already in a damn depressing mood.

Sad love sayings for her/him:-

  1. Its hard to erase your memories because I have only your memory in m mind.
  2. Like the wind caressed by the rain in my heart you’ve touched the love vein and left me in the sea of pain.
  3. Every moment in my life is taking random turns with sad and grief moments, where is happiness.
  4. After our senses sang the same tune, I felt I came of age again, my fortune.
  5. I am using this Facebook from the last 3 years because once you said “I will meet you there”.
  6. Gypsy girl, your eyes, without any qualm has been spliced by wild date palm.
  7. My life is like a smoke in a burrow you spread brutally from head to toe.
  8. Lend me for awhile a segment of you; let us mate our souls and heart true.
  9. I am unknown to happiness; can you tell me what its taste is?
  10. Still your sweet love memories caress over my heart bruises as a cool balm.
  11. Without you I am on a way like the drizzle in the wind, inclined yet disinclined.
  12. I was like a spice who pure and simple hidden its heart in the cave of a secure dimple but you made me worst then ugly rotten flower.
  13. Inside a well I floated as a silver moon, she threw a pebble and I rippled to swoon.
  14. Let me walk into your life once again for the last time of my life.
  15. Once upon a time, your smile evokes energy of joy inside me, now after our breakup, your smile, break a heart inside me.
  16. Your memories are like a turmeric plant I unable to control sniffs you, I locked your fragrance in my soul.
  17. I took the imprinted sand of your softy palms in my eyes forever.
  18. Separations between us realize me your importance of you in my life.
  19. You cannot win my heart again; I had one heart and you already taken it.
  20. Our separation is the saddest thing of this century.
  21. There is no substitute of love because it always happens in unique frequency.
  22. There is only one scene in my mind and that is our departure.
  23. Infinite life is also not enough to forget you.
  24. I just understand the meaning of pain after your departure.
  25. I know I can’t have you but you don’t know that I also cannot live without you.
  26. Try to feel love in every moment of your life; this is the only key for a happy life.

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