Scary Facebook Status

Scary Facebook statuses are just a new idea to make a little thrill on your FB profile or Timeline page. You can also add a scary maze game link with a
scary Facebook  status update message to bring more fun.

Scary Facebook facts:-

  • Good night vampire family, I am going to sleep for next 300 years.
  • I don’t like scary Facebook covers, I only like zombie eating human fingers.
  • Today is Saturday night and more then half million people in the world are getting out from toilets without washing their hands.
  • In Spain there founds a pink snake who is saying clearly “your friend name”. I am trying to upload snake video here but my internet speed is dead slow.
  • Smoking is allowed on Facebook.
  • 40% of Facebook users are using this social network for flirting and time pass.
  • 30% Facebook users are married but they pretend to behalor and lloking for singles for friendship.
  • The national meat of Phil pine is dog meat.
  • In China you can order for fried bats, grilled cats and boiled dog meat as well in the restaurants.
  • In a desired dirty atmosphere mosquitoes could have more then half million descendants only in 3 days.
  • Bat is the most amazing bird in this world, it eat food and discharge stool both from mouth and it do not lay eggs, it is a mammal and feeding milk to her kids.
  • My socks are made up of copper and my gloves are iron made.
  • I am a mass killer of bastard mosquitoes.
  • Nobody can cheat me on Facebook, I am an award winner cheater.
  • Hunger movie is all about eating rotten chicken.
  • I just invented a new fortune machine which will exactly predict the time of your next fart.
  • You cannot write a Facebook status and count colors on your computer screen in the same time, try it if you do not believe me.
  • You can lick your elbow only if your neck is double in length.
  • Everyday more then 100 UFO are seeing in different parts of the world but still we cannot see a real alien.
  • According to Hollywood movies aliens know only one country in the world for landing their space ships and that is America.
  • A little champ in North Korea announced to destroy Facebook community in next 12 hours.
  • Its 2012 and you must be get ready and pack your luggage before 21st December.
  • I have a perfect rescue plan for 21 December Dooms day, you can hide yourself in the caves as you see in my Facebook photo gallery.
  • Do you want to see a horror dream tonight? Then go and laugh loudly in front of a clear mirror.
  • A girl without makeup cannot dare to post her photo on the Facebook.
  • There is a makeup line between a woman with makeup and the cast of Evil Dead movie.

Do not take these scary quotes seriously these are not true or real facts at all but jokes and funny observations, so post these scary lines on Facebook status
for fun purpose only.

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