Smart Facebook Status Ideas

Smart quotes on your Facebook status update shows your smartness toward your friends but it doesn’t mean that silly or funny status quotes shows you as a stupid, this is a strange philosophy of human mind that it highly impress from unusual things, these things can be a real world physical objects or it can be a wording comes out from your mouth. Wise words you ever spoke to your friends become golden words in their mind, so it’s a time for you to prove your smartness by updating your Facebook statuses with these smart sayings.

Smart n Clever quotes for Facebook status:-

Less eating, less sleeping and staying maximum time on my Facebook Timeline page is the secret of long living.

Listening joyful good songs in breakup is the best treatment for rebuilding your heart for another breakup.

Guys who are afraid from their betraying girls are really deserved to spend their lives in this fear.

A selfish friend is more dangerous then a cobra snake and intelligent girlfriends are harder then a real steal.

Demons are nothing but your bad thoughts which occupy your sleeping mind.

Dressing like a prince and living like a King, it’s not possible in this current situation of world economic crises, so stay away from these dreamy quotes.

The free coupon to access my heart is nothing but sincerity.

Beauty is the worst weapon for women to destroy your peace of mind.

I like only one thing of Facebook, you cannot guess a race of a person without his profile photo.

Who said music is a universal language? Why so many people love Lady Gaga inIndiabut hate inCanada?

A mosquito cannot change your gender so start finishing mosquitoes around you by clap attack.

What would you like to miss, a prom party or your first date with the most beautiful girl of your high school? Let’s combine the both at one place.

InJurassicParkscientists regenerate the dinosaurs but I can regenerate your mind, you have to only provide me your Facebook password.

Do not login Facebook account while sitting in a toilet, your password can dropped into the flush.

Try this, the most difficult riddle in the world: Speak emotional dialogues with your boss while sitting on a toilet seat.

I am using Facebook for the booking of time wasting moments of my life.

After every cyber breakup, I deleted my Facebook account and start dating again by creating a new account.

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