Eye Catching Tattoo Quotes about Life

These good but eye catching tattoo quotes about life will put positive effects on your mind and also increase your love affection about life. If you are looking for funny life phrases and short sayings for your new tattoo design then let us help you to make your tattoo more attractive and inspiring, yes you can make your tattoo more cool by adding the following motivational and funny life quotes with your tattoo artwork.

Both girls and guys can use these life tattoo ideas for their body painting. You should first try out these quotes as a temporary tattoo design on your body, if your friends and family pass the idea then you can go for a permanent tattoo design on your arm, neck, back or belly.

Funny life quotes ideas for tattoos:-

Follow me for life

Where is life without me?

No me No life….

Intelligent life is here…

I am life troubles tuner

Life mechanic

Your sole proprietor of life

Senior guy looking for love…

There is no chill in life without you…

NASA’s robot Curiosity successfully landed on red planet Mars. Early photographic evidences show no sign of cars, wars, and beer. It proves that those men are not from Mars.

Catch me for a date to prolong your life

A looser gambler can best describe the life.

I am  the best example of real life

Hurray, life is mine

Math is over in real life

I am not Albert Einstein but I can give you a perfect formula for a happy life, keep following me.

Life is a joke for jokers only

Check my latest life status on Facebook

Life is a mug of troubles

There is no concept “YOU” in my life.

I am living it…

Let’s play it till death

Life never teaches me to obey rules

Facebook makes me lazy, now I am doing crazy stuff in life.

Me = who cares + no fear

Dig me up to discover the meaning of life

I am sleeping in a prom party

Leo living here

Life is a silly question…

A Virgo arrived on your planet

A Capricorn is getting rich

Still nervous and running…

Left 3 starts for a Star


Inspiring life quotes for tattoos:-

Allow your life to teach

I am optimist and enjoying my life

Life is not all about your girlfriend…

My life is my best teacher

One life is enough for one dream

Friends and family are the fundamentals of life.

I can live my life without Mark Twain quotes…

It’s my 23rd lesson of life

Life is same inAfricaandAmerica

There is no Tarzan in real life…

Dreams build our future

Don’t cry over your mistakes, learn a lesson and move on.

I am a man of my wife

Pessimist living low profile life

You cannot update your life on Facebook

Besides my love story there are so many important issues in this life.

There is no 90 degree in our life

Thanks my friends, you bring all colors in my life

I am happy because I am living my life without Hollywood

Our behavior is the degree of our life

Stop blaming, life is beautiful

There is a lot of fun for optimists in life

You are an amazing discovery of life

Thanks my life, I am enjoying you in my family.

Hate ruins and love promote your life.

You need life for a competition

Live your life on earth and die on Mars

A hope is the best source of activities in life.

My family is the whole asset of my life.

Life budget coming soon…

Are you ready for a new tattoo with a beautiful life quote?

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