TBH Ideas For My Facebook Status

TBH ideas for FB status is another viral LMS trend on the Facebook and its meanings are (To Be Honest). TBH Facebook status is a good idea to get the greatest number of maximum likes from your friends. We recommend this efficient new Inbox my and LMS ideas approach to every FB user for a fun game.

Facebook TBH Ideas for Status

You cannot bear ♥: Like for a TBH

[] A break up with my guy/girl
[] Strangers in my Facebook friends list
[] Bad neighbors
[] Fake friends
[] Dirty comments on my status
[] Miss calls from anonymous numbers
[] Backbiters and liars
[] Haters and bullies
[] Sad moments of life

TBH, you can leave your boyfriend/girlfriend for…

[] My family
[] For this Facebook
[] Just for fun
[] For $$$
[] For a new relation
[] A Hickey
[] For my career
[] If he/she ever cheats on me
[] For a business or studies
[] I do not require any reason to leave him/her

Rate & TBH about my new Emo hairstyle:

[] Your new hairstyle is cool
[] it’s so-so
[] Not impressive
[] A joker looks better than you
[] Better you try a bald head

LMS TBH, you look alike female comic character

@ Catwoman

@ Wonder Woman

@ Danger Girl

@ Ms Marvel

@ Poison Ivy

@ White Queen

@ Vampirella

@ Dark Phoenix

TBH: who is your favorite “One Direction” singer?”

[] Harry Styles ♥
[] Louis Tomlinson
[] Liam Payne
[] Zayn Malik
[] Niall Horan
[] I don’t like One Direction music
[] All guys are cool
[] Who the hell is this One Direction

TBH: Your chances buy a new iPhone 

[] 0%: You are dumb
[] 20%: Still my answer is No
[] 30%: Don’t play this rubbish game
[] 40%: IPhone 5 is not my type
[] 50%: May be I like the new model
[] 60%: I knew few cool features of the iPhone
[] 70%: Sure, I will give it a try
[] 80%: I go for it…
[] 90%: I am waiting for its release date
[] 100%: I already placed an order for it

Tbh for You Cannot ___?

() Cheat on your partner

() Flirt with girls/boys

() Trust on Facebook friends

() Down your ego for someone special

() Leave your job

() Swim in sea

() Cyber bully

TBH: If you like this status and I will…

  1. Post 1 comment and 1 like on your status for next 10 days.
  2. Drive my car for you.
  3. Offer you a free coffee at Starbucks.
  4. Upload a belly dance video for you on Youtube.
  5. Edit your 7 pics on Instagram with cool effects.
  6. Ask on Yahoo answers to join your Facebook fan page.
  7. Tweet your every status quote on my Twitter account.
  8. Post a complete review about your personality on Wikipedia.
  9. Offer you a party at Pizza Hut.
  10. I will Visible my webcam only for you at tomorrow tonight.
  11. Purchase a football/baseball match ticket for you.
  12. Join you at home this weekend.
  13. Set a program with you for these summer/winter vacations.
  14. Hire a professional photographer to take your photographs for the Facebook Timeline cover.
  15. Design a romantic Timeline cover for you
  16. Play your favorite Facebook game with you.
  17. TBH and I’ll be 100% honest and I’m only doing a few <3.

TBH share it if you like these status ideas!

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