Teasing Facebook Statuses

Brain teasing messages on your Facebook status can really irritate your Facebook friends and they may post some frustrated or angry comments on your status in the response, but who care if you are in a naughty mood?

Brain teaser Facebook messages:-

70% guys on the Facebook voted me the most charming girl and remaining 30% are rotten eggs.

I know I am a refreshing ray of sunshine for you, please don’t miss me too much.

You are not my fan on Facebook, don’t you feel ashamed?

Thank you for your funny face advertisement on the Facebook, you really make my day.

You always look pretty when you betray your boyfriends.

There are 7 types of girls who can make friendship with me, please let me know your type first.

I would have done anything to chill with your girlfriend; I know it makes you happy.

My ex, do my taxes; I again received a new tax notice, so who want to be net?

I am boring; do I need an advice or divorce?

Would you allow me to steal your undergarments and show them on my Timeline photo album?

I want to sale my piano, you can buy it by give me one cyber kiss only.

I love music, I love moon, I love Kangaroo, I love banana and yes I love you too.

I am feeling hungry please make a sandwich of your sweet brain for my dinner.

My friends are really very selfish; none of them ever gifted me a BMW car.

Never buy a new book, I always issues a new book from school library and forget to return it.

Can you please give me a favor; it’s very urgent, sign-out from your Facebook account and let me chat with your girlfriend for a dinner offer.

I cannot marry with Megan Fox, she is not my type, please somebody help her to forget me.

I can burn your heart, if you don’t agree then give me your heart and I will fire it on my stove in front of your eyes.

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