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Story – The King’s Dream

One morning, Krishnadevaraya looked very worried. Tenali Raman asked the King what made him look so worried. The King answered that it was the dream that had been troubling him. Tenali further quizzed him about his dream.

The King told him that he dreamt of a beautiful palace floating in the clouds. It was made up of precious stones and had wonderful gardens. But suddenly the dream ended and the king was unable to forget the dream.

Tenali was about to tell the futility of such dreams when Chatur Pandit, another Minister of Krishnadevaraya told the king that he should chase his dream and make it come true. Chatur Pandit being a cunning man had plans to make the king build such a castle and taking a chance of the opportunity to fill his pocket.

Tenali understood Chatur Pandit’s corrupt plan but did not show his displeasure against the plan. The king asked Chatur to start work on the project the very next day.

Days went by, but every time the king asked about the project, Chatur would make excuses. He would ask the King a few more questions about his dream and then ask for more time and money.

One day an old man came inside the court of Krishnadevaraya and asked him for justice. Since the king was very just and honest, he promised the man that he would be given justice.

The old man told the king that he had been a wealthy merchant till a week back when he was looted and his family members killed. The king enquired if he knew who did so and he said that he did know. The King asked for the name. To the king’s astonishment, the old man said he had a dream last night and he saw that he was looted and his family was murdered by the king and Chatur Pandit. Hearing that the king got angry and asked him how his dream could be a reality. The old man replied back by saying that he was just a mere citizen of an empire whose king was chasing an impossible dream.

Getting this reply and on a closer look, the King could make out that the old man was none other than his very own advisor Tenali Raman.


It is best to avoid wild goose chases.

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